Why Clean your Carpets? To Remove Dirt, Allergens, Damaging Stains & Result in Longer Lasting Carpets!

There is a lot of cleaning maintenance that has to be done when you live in a house. It seems to be a non-stop never ending job. One of the areas that takes the most work and needs the most attention is the carpeting. The carpet is abused all day long as people and pets walk across it with their shoes. You can even cause dirt and damage to the carpet by walking around with your bare feet. The oils that exist naturally on your skin comes off onto the carpet and will make it collect dirt easier.

American Hometown Services has prepared some of the main reasons why cleaning your carpets is necessary!

Dirt: The amount of dirt that is brought into a home might shock you. Each time a person walks in with their shoes on they are bringing dirt and debris from outdoors and leaving it deposited on the carpet. This means that anything from a parking lot or store that is left on the ground could be left on your carpets.

Allergens: There are allergens left from many things. Pets shed and leave dander throughout the house and on the carpet. It can be well hidden and could remain even after the carpet has been vacuumed. The fur and dander can cause people with asthma and allergies to have trouble with their breathing. There are also things such as carpet mites that are small and live and feed on the carpet fibers. They are known to cause allergies in people that are sensitive.

Stains: Many times stains are left on the carpet that are not fully removed when you clean them with at home cleaners. These can continue to cause damage and the longer they set in the worse the stain is and the harder it is to get out. A professional carpet cleaner can come in and spot clean these hard to remove stains with professional grade equipment.

Longer Lasting: When the carpet is maintained and cleaned properly it has been proven that the carpet will last longer than a carpet that is not cleaned appropriately. When dirt and debris is left on the carpet it acts as an abrasive like sandpaper and will start to damage the carpet fibers when people walk around on them.

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