Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service Checklist

Based in Quincy, Illinois, American Hometown Services provides full janitorial and maintenance services to commercial businesses and custom cleaning services to residential homes throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded to deliver high moral values, family-friendly customer service, and superior execution in all services rendered. With the aid of exclusive top grade and eco-friendly products and equipment offered to licensed professionals, our specialists dispense premium results. Among the many services we have, we were sure to include our move in and move out cleaning service.

Residential Move In & Move Out House Cleaning Services

Residential homes including; apartments, town homes, condos, and houses are all cleaned on a daily bases. But when it comes moving out or into a new home, the cleaning is on a whole different level. In most rentals, deposits are put down prior to moving in and reimbursed to you after a thorough inspection of the state the home is left in, cleanliness being a big one renting officials scrutinize over. Moving out of the old and into the new is stressful and time consuming enough not having to worry about cleaning the old to get the deposit back, and cleaning the new before moving in. That is where American Hometown Services can help. When it comes time for you to move, contact American Hometown Services to alleviate the cleaning burdens of moving out, moving in, or both.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Checklist

American Hometown Services will clean the residences in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri for your convenience when it comes time for you to move out and move in. Our general cleaning duties of an empty home include, but are not limited to the following:
– Dust and cob webs are wiped from the walls and spot cleaned.
– Floors are appropriately swept, mopped, and vacuumed.
– Baseboards are cleaned.
– Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are wiped clean inside and out.
– Kitchen appliances exterior are cleaned.
– Kitchen and bathroom drawers are cleaned inside and out.
– Mirrors are cleaned.
– Laundry room is thoroughly cleaned.
– Bathroom surfaces a cleaned and sanitized.
– Window sills, frames, and blinds are dusted and cobwebs removed.
– Remaining trash is disposed of in all rooms.
– Complete dusting from the ceiling down to the floor.
– Complete household wipe-down.
In addition, we can complete more, for example; Refrigeration interior, oven interior, microwave interior, windows inside and out, deodorize surfaces or rooms and more.

Residential Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri and Norman, Oklahoma

American Hometown Services covers the basics for our move out and move in cleaning services, but we also have custom work orders so you can have specifics cleaned. American Hometown Services comprehensive move in cleaning and move out cleaning service is performed by experienced, diligent, and meticulous professionals to help your residential moving process in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. If you are planning a move and want the additional help, contact us today to schedule your cleaning and select the package or custom cleaning you desire for you move out home and your move in abode.

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