Black Mold Facts & Myths; Mold Removal & Remediation in Norman Oklahoma

Mold. Just hearing the word, or reading it in this is case, can make our stomach turn in knots. There are over 100,000 different species of mold and 50-60 of those species can be found in homes and are extremely hazardous to your health. Unless it is an exotic stinky cheese, it’s always best to remove mold. But what are the facts versus myths when we discover the filthy black stuff in our homes? Today we are going to run through a handful of myths and facts to help you in your mold adventure.

Myth #1 – There are good mold and tolerable mold that doesn’t need immediate attention. This myth is absolutely wrong.

Toxic or black mold is the latest buzz words thrown around in the industry. Black mold found in homes, or stachybotrys chartarum in the scientists’ tongue, is a tertiary mold. It grows slowly, feeding off the initial mold. Black mold is difficult to detect in air samples and even buying a high priced home mold test kit is a waste. Having black mold will make you sick and must be eliminated quickly. There are some strains of mold that are more toxic than others. But know there is no such thing as good mold or even tolerable mold. Mold in your home means there is a moisture problem, and that is never tolerable or good. Mold gone unattended can lead to rot and destruction of your home’s foundation.

Myth #2 – Mold has not been proven to be a health risk. An unbelievably false statement. If you have sought medical attention and the attending physician tells you this, find a new one.

The negative impact of mold exposure is well documented. There are generally four categories your health may be compromised. These four classifications are: allergy, infection, toxicity, irritation of mucus membrane and sensory. If you have been exposed to indoor mold; get rid of it as soon as possible and seek medical attention.

Myth #3 – If you can’t see or smell mold there isn’t any present. Don’t let this myth fool you into thinking there is no way your home can be infested.

Mold can be hidden in wall cavities, under floor boards, in attic spaces and basements. Just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean it’s dangerous chemicals being released can’t reach your lungs. Indoor mold grows where there is moisture, and sometimes it isn’t even discovered until a renovation, or a drastic home repair job strikes. If you or a loved one is chronically ill, but seems fine with time away from your home, a professional inspection is in need.

Myth #4 – Bleach kills mold. In a nutshell, bleach does nothing to mold.

Bleach can handle a bit of mildew build up in your shower, but bleach on black mold does nothing. Sometimes when bleach is applied, the surface looks cured. This a temporary fix, and the mold will return. Biocides are the only thing that can permanently destroy mold. However, these chemicals are extremely harmful to people and pets. If mold is detected in your home, a professional must be hired to carefully remove the molded material and replace it with clean, dry material. The moisture problem must also be neutralized or the problem will persist.

Fact #1 – Mold is literally found anywhere from dry climates to humid ones.

Mold needs three things thrive, moisture, food and the right temperature. Mold eats dust, moisture can build up anywhere and mold prospers in the same temperatures humans seem to enjoy. Every house is capable of having mold, but not every home does. If you suspect mold, call a professional to test the building.

Fact #2 – Mold affects every person differently.

The symptoms vary from person to person. Some may have allergy symptoms, where others are worn down with constant headache, dizziness and brain fog. Others may not experience anything wrong. As mentioned before, if someone seems to be constantly ill, especially if they feel better while away from the home, get your home inspected.

Fact #3 – A clean house, or even a new home is not immune to mold.

Newer homes and buildings are more prone to mold than older homes. With constructive materials being used today, mold is more susceptible. Even the neat freak can have mold issues. No amount of cleaning can save a moisture build up behind a wall or under a floorboard. Most mold problems go undiscovered for awhile before they are detected.

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