Restroom & Bathroom Cleaning Tips & Tricks; Soap Scum, Germs, Bacteria, Mildew & Mold Prevention & Removal in Macomb IL

The bathroom is probably the most used room in your home and takes a beating when it comes to germs, bacteria and other filth that comes in to your residence. Likewise, the restrooms also see more than their fair use at any business. Because your bathrooms and restrooms are a source of moisture, it is a great environment for bacteria and mold to thrive and grow. If you are not constantly keeping your bathrooms clean, chances are that something is growing underneath the sink, around the toilet and bathtub and in the shower stall. Soap scum and mildew can be extremely difficult to remove and can make your bathroom seem like one you might find at a ball park rather than one inside of a clean home.

Regularly Clean Shower Head, Drain, Glass & Tile

Keeping your bathroom clean can seem like a very difficult chore that takes time and energy that you simply do not have, but there are a few simple steps that you can take to keep your bathroom from getting dirty. One of the easiest ways to keep your shower clean is to scrub it at the end of your shower time. If you are scrubbing your shower every morning with a mild soap and sponge, the chances of bacteria growing are little to none. Scrubbing your shower each time after you shower will eliminate mold and soap scum, keeping your shower looking like new.

All Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant

Covering every surface in your bathroom or restrooms with all purpose cleaner will eliminate the presence of germs. Counter tops, tiles, mirrors, hardware and floors will all benefit from a general all purpose cleaner and disinfectant. Be sure to wipe down these surfaces with a dry towel for best results. Wipe the tile floor as well, but only after you have finished the rest of the bathroom first. While this task may take more time, as you may have to remove items from your counter top, it is well worth the work and your bathroom will be left looking like new. You’ll find it easier to relax in a clean germ free bathroom. What’s easier than doing this yourself is to hire a professional house cleaning or janitorial firm to do it for you.

Scrub your Toilets

Scrubbing your toilet is a must for a completely clean bathroom and restroom. While there are toilet bowl cleaning chemicals available at the store, there are other ways to get your bowl shining. You can pour a cup of baking soda into your toilet bowl and allow it to sit for a few moments. After you have allowed the baking soda to sit, scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and flush the toilet. This should render effective results.

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For the best results, hire a professional housekeeping and janitorial company to do your dirty work. Save yourself the time and energy it will take to get your bathroom clean, American Hometown Services will clean your bathroom leaving it looking like new, no corner unturned and every inch spotless. Contact us today for more info.

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