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How Do You Get Rid of Dust in the Air After a Remodel in Colchester, IL? Air Duct Cleaning & Post Construction Cleanup

The spring season is always a busy time for home renovations. Homeowners are finally starting to get some energy back after the winter season. There are several reasons why warmer weather is easier to do construction in. One being the fact that so much of the work can be done outside to help keep the…

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Why is Commercial Cleaning Important in Macomb, IL? Good First Impressions of Business, Germ Removal & More

With commercial cleaning services, you ensure a healthy environment that helps motivate your employee’s production. Every now and again, a superficial tidy may seem acceptable, but to achieve a real clean, this is not enough. Cutting corners just won’t cut it, eventually. Customers or clients will not feel encouraged to return and morale will deflate…

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How Do I Know if My Office Carpet Needs Cleaning in Warsaw, IL? Weird Odors, Stains, Indoor Allergens & More

Due to the heavy traffic, it experiences with employees walking around, a commercial carpet can be very hard to keep clean. Your carpets can still look or smell dirty even with frequent vacuuming or scrubbing. Commercial carpet cleaning experts are especially designed to handle the abuse. Your carpet will be able to retain that new…

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Who to Call when Your House Floods in La Harpe, IL for Professional Carpet Cleaning & Rebuilding After a Flood

If you have had flooding in your home, it can be devastating. Water is one of those elements that can leave significant damage in its wake. Knowing where to start as you think about rebuilding, can be an overwhelming thought. There are usually so many emotions involved when your home is damaged like that, it…

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Why is it Important to Clean a Warehouse in Hamilton, IL? Health, Safety, Employee Morale & More

A clean warehouse should be taken seriously. To keep a warehouse from getting out of control and improves work environment safety, routine warehouse deep cleaning keeps the building as a healthy environment. With this in mind, we at American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to share the importance of a cleaning the…

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