ULV Disinfectant Fogger Cleaning & Disinfecting for COVID-19 Coronavirus in Macomb, IL

To reduce it’s spread and avoid overwhelming health services, many countries have responded to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak by enforcing a lockdown. However, if you have a vital service or business that must keep operating, it is necessary to take every precaution to protect the employees and visitors who use your premises. And if your business has been shut down, your staff and guests will need your assurance that your premises is safe before they return. With no vaccine, the main advice to prevent COVID-19 is to practice stringent hygiene measures such as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that people frequently touch. Even when all of the restrictions have been lifted, there will likely continue to be waves of coronavirus infections. Studies in offices have shown that germs can spread from an infected person to the entire office in 2–4 hours via contaminated touchpoints such as door handles, light switches and stair rails. They all need regular cleaning and disinfecting with approved products to ensure protection from infection.

ULV Disinfectant Fogging Solution

ULV fogging stands for ultra-low volume, but don’t less this fool you. It is referencing the size of the droplets that are produced, not the volume of liquid that is atomized. ULV Disinfectant fogging involves saturating an entire room or area with a microbial substance that can purify and remove pathogens from the air, as well as surfaces. Disinfectant fogging is highly effective at combating pathogens, particularly those that are airborne or carried in respiratory droplets, such as the flu virus or COVID-19 coronavirus.

ULV Disinfectant Fogger Cleaning & Disinfecting for COVID-19 Coronavirus & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois / Hannibal, Missouri and Norman, Oklahoma

American Hometown Services are equipped with ULV foggers that can disinfect large areas of your office or other workplace efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your facility is safe and providing you and the people that visit your establishment with peace of mind. We can meet all your cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing needs. Call us today!

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