Hoarding Cleanup Services

American Hometown Services headquartered in Quincy, Illinois caters to commercial businesses and residential homes all across Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. We are fully licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise and services to the communities at affordable rates. Our specialists are more than qualified to tackle the services we offer; having advanced training, field experience, and remarkable skills. With the use of premium products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals we are able to deliver maximum results. American Hometown Services is known for delivering superior execution on all services rendered while incorporating high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and friendly customer service to make every experience with us phenomenal.

Hoarder House Cleaning Service

American Hometown Services includes hoard cleanup services for those in need of such accommodations. Hoarding can be dangerous and harmful to your health at a home that has been the central point of. Our professionals always place safety first and will wear protective clothing, gloves, and respiratory protection during hoard cleanups in an effort to avoid exposure to harmful contaminates. Untrained attempts to clean up after a hoard are an unsafe task that should be left for the professionals; exposure to bio-hazardous waste and harmful toxins can have devastating effects to your health.

Hoarding Health Risks

Bacteria, hanta virus, histoplasmosis, staph viruses including MRSA, E. Coli are just a few of the common contaminates. During the cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing process; anything that is deemed unsalvageable should be properly disposed of. According to experts, hoarding animals and often multiple animals that will contract diseases living in poorly maintained homes consists in 40% of hoarder cases. Common things that are often found within the hoard can include the following:
– Asbestos
– Animal waste
– Dead animals
– Dust excessively accumulating on all surfaces that makes indoor air quality significantly low
– Structural damage to home
– Human waste
– Live animals
– Medical waste like needles and other related implements
– Mold
– Rotting food
– Sharp implements
– Structural damage to home

Cleaning, Sorting & Disposing of Clutter

American Hometown Services will divide the hoarded items into three categories: items that are preferably kept, possessions that are to be donated or sold, and objects that are headed for the dump or recycling center. An important rule of them to consider what needs to be kept is that any items that have not been used within a year’s time should be either donated, recycled, or disposed of accordingly.

Help for Hoarders to Clean Their House

American Hometown Services understands that this isn’t a one man job and comes prepared with a crew to tend to your loved one’s hoard. Hoarding is an extensive cleanup and one that requires dedication and compassion. Individuals who suffer from the hoarding disorder, in many cases, cannot seem to part from their hoard without the assistance of first seeking counseling from a professional. Note, such situations include animal hoarding, or a hoarding situation where there was an unattended death, in that circumstances there are some cases where specific manpower and professional training to care for this situation.

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