American Hometown Services is your Facility Maintenance Partner

American Hometown Services, headquartered in Quincy, IL, is providing cleaning and janitorial services the locals in addition to customers in Iowa and Missouri. With decades of experience, our longevity is a testament to our dedication to provide our valued customers with superior service, professional ethics, and friendly customer service. As we continue to raise the standard in professional services to deliver an extraordinary experience, you can trust in American Hometown Services for an exceptional experience.

American Hometown Services has provided house cleaning, janitorial and facility maintenance expertise for homes and businesses throughout Illinois, Iowa and Missouri since 1985. We offer fully trained, professional employees, all screened with complete background checks. We match the right personnel with your specific needs and maintain a program of ongoing training and supervision. Our commitment is to conduct our business in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefit to the local communities in which we operate in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

American Hometown Services hand-picks our professionals that have the qualifications you need to make your home or business immaculate. Without sacrificing quality for affordability, American Hometown Services ensures customer satisfaction to ensure your home or business is clean, sanitized and deodorized.

Our relationship with you is a team effort. We take a proactive approach, working with you to recognize changing requirements and developing strategies that are efficient and cost effective. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce your costs and better meet your changing needs.

American Hometown Services works carefully to match the right person to the right client. If your skills match the services we offer, we encourage you to apply. We are regularly hiring for the positions of Janitor and Building Maintenance Technician and occasionally have other openings as well. Contact us for more information.

Contact us today to see how we can deliver a cost effective cleaning solution plan and schedule for your home or other facility. American Hometown Services offers flexibility and dependability with your services. Whether you are looking for services before, during, or after hours, or simply want to minimize the intrusion and receive services during the lower production points of your business, American Hometown Services accommodates your schedule. With our professionals working with your day-to-day dynamics, American Hometown Services is happy to work with your needs.

American Hometown Services consultation will get the details of your needs, answer any of the questions you may have, and address the concerns to give you the confidence in American Hometown Services abilities. Call American Hometown Services consultation today to get started on your home or business’s cleaning and janitorial services. We are happy to customize your cleaning and janitorial services to make it fit the specifics of your business.

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