Water Extraction, Structural Drying & Flood Damage Cleanup Restoration Service

American Hometown Services is headquartered in Quincy, Illinois and supplies a number of cleaning and restoration services to commercial businesses and residential homes of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We are completely licensed and insured to deliver professional quality in all services performed. American Hometown Services specialists have advanced training, years of experience, and skills that are amplified with the use of top-grade products and equipment exclusively available to licensed professionals that ensure our customers receive nothing less than premium results. American Hometown Services professionals uphold high moral standards and work ethics, friendly customer service, along with our superior execution consistently on all services rendered.

Water Damage Cleanup

Commercial businesses and residential homes in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois that experience water damage through natural causes or due to an indoor catastrophe need to get the water removed as soon as possible. Water damage can breakdown structure materials like drywall and wood for example, as well as allow a breeding ground for mold and mildew to breakout. American Hometown Services has the experience and training to perform a water damage cleanup service to help prevent further damage.

Water Damage Cleanup Process & Checklist

American Hometown Services water damage cleanup service includes, but is not limited to the following as each case differs with circumstances.
1. Water Extraction & Removal of Standing Water. First things first, American Hometown Services deals with the pooling water before anything. Once the source of the water flooding is no longer priority, American Hometown Services technicians immediately begin removing any standing water. If there are several inches of water to contend with, in many cases we utilize our specialized water pumping equipment to expedite the process.
2. Water Damage Consultation & Evaluation. After American Hometown Services specialists have completely removed the pooled water, our team will evaluate and assess the damage on the contaminating services to determine the extent of the damage, and if anything is savable. In most cases, the wet organic materials will need to be removed, unless with quick reaction, American Hometown Services was able to arrive on the scene before too much damage was able to be inflicted. Carpets, carpet pads, drywall, casings, plywood, and particle board will not survive if exposure exceeded 24 hours. Mold growth usually has begun by this point.
3. Structural Drying. Following American Hometown Services removal of contaminated materials, out technicians will get right to work to save the materials that have the potential to make it through the water damage. Using air movers, high volume dehumidifiers, and other related equipment are setup to begin drying out your home or business and possessions the water flooding inflicted. This process can take a few days but with regular monitoring and readjusting American Hometown Services is with you every step of the way. Once your home or business has been thoroughly dried, American Hometown Services will assist in cleanup, for example; organizing furniture where they need to be placed, as well as removing any refuse that need disposal.
4. Mold Removal & Remediation. Even though it may not be plainly obvious, microorganisms and mold can still be an issue. American Hometown Services crew members apply specialized agents are applied in all areas and surfaces that are suspected of harboring the pathogens to prevent an outbreak.

Water Extraction, Structural Drying & Flood Damage Cleanup Restoration Service in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

If your home or business in Iowa, Illinois, or Missouri has been impacted by water damage, trust in American Hometown Services to perform our thorough water damage removal cleanup service. The sooner we can conduct our duties, the more we can save. Contact us as soon as disaster strikes.

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