What to Do After a Home Fire in Your House or Apartment; First Fire & Water Clean Up, Remediation & Restoration Steps to Recovering Quickly

A fire is one of the most devastating events that you and your family can experience. While the safety of your family is your first priority, the next step to recovering from the emotional trauma and stress of a fire is to begin the recovery process by tackling the damage that has been sustained to your home and surrounding property. According to the knowledgeable experts at American Hometown Services, a good place to start is with a checklist of safely precautions and a to-do-list of priorities to help you with the process of re-building after fire damage.

The First Steps to Recovering from a Fire

Once you have established that your family is safe, the first phone call you should make is to your insurance carrier. Once you have reported the loss to the insurance company, contact the experts at American Hometown Services to begin the cleanup process and restoration of your home. Next contact your Mortgage Company or bank so they are aware you have experienced a fire. Never enter your home until it has been determined that it is safe to do so. In the meantime:
• Take pictures of any exterior damage including broken windows etc.
• Make arrangements to have any broken windows or damaged doors secured before and during the cleanup process
• Once inside the home, turn off the electricity at the main electrical panel
• Try not to touch any items that are covered in soot. Soot is easily transferred and can prolong the clean-up process.
• Wear protective clothing that will cover your arms and legs and closed-toe shoes and gloves to protect you from debris as you move throughout the structure.
• Begin an inventory list of damaged items
• Keep a copy of receipts for any expenses and items replaced after the fire. This will ensure that your records will be complete when filing for an insurance claim.

Recovering from Damage with Professional Fire Damage Cleanup & Remediation

When you contact the knowledgeable professionals at American Hometown Services for cleanup after damage from a fire, you can rely on the expertise of our fire and water damage restoration specialists. Our experienced staffs have the equipment and cleaning products needed to safely and effectively remove standing water and restore your home after a fire. The damage caused by fire is much more than the items burned, it also includes smoke, soot and water damage. Our professional clean up and restoration crews will assess the damage to the areas of your home including flooring, drywall, furniture and much more before working with you to customize a plan for a compete cleanup. Along with the cleanup process we will also assess and treat any areas of mold growth that may become a concern due to water saturation from the response of firefighters.

Fire Damage Restoration Services Menu

At American Hometown Services, we offer the following services for fire and water damage:
• Fire damage remediation repairs & restoration
• Water damage remediation repairs & restoration
• 24/7 emergency clean-up & restoration services
• Sanitizing, disinfecting and odor removal services
• Mold & mildew remediation
• Sewage cleanups
• Water extraction, water mitigation, dry outs and more!

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