Relief of Light or Heavy Duty, Deep House Cleaning Services for the Sick & Elderly in Quincy, IL

As you watch a parent or grandparent get older, it is often apparent that they are struggling to keep up with demands of home ownership. Whether they are struggling with health issues or lack of energy to keep up their home, it can be hard to watch. If you are worried about your loved one, hiring some one off or occasional heavy duty house cleaning to help them is an option. American Hometown Services is here to talk about some ways deep cleaning can benefit your aging loved one.

Heavy Duty House Cleaning can Help When Loved Ones Are Far Away

Not only can it be challenging to think about your loved ones getting older, when you aren’t close to help it can leave you feeling quite helpless. It can give you piece of mind to know that they are being helped with some of their heavier duties that are starting to get hard to complete.

Areas that Deep House Cleaning Can Help the Elderly

As our loved ones start to get older, tasks that used to feel very basic can start to feel overwhelming. Regular cleaning starts to fall through the cracks. Some areas that may prove to be difficult as health problems and frailty starts to play a role in our loves one’s lives include:
Cleaning Appliances – Giving a stove and oven a deep cleaning can be a large undertaking for senior citizens. Cleaning refrigerators and microwaves might also be difficult.
Scrubbing Baseboards & Trim – Bending over and getting down on the ground is incredibly difficult for your elderly loved ones.
Polishing & Dusting – If there is any silverware or tea sets that need polishing, they might fall to the wayside when it is difficult to get the bare minimum done during the day. Dust starts to build up and it may be helpful to have someone take care of that.
Organizing Cupboards & Closets – Every now and then it feels good to clean out closets and cupboards that have been forgotten for long periods of time.

Basic Light House Cleaning

Not only does deep cleaning get forgotten, but basic light cleaning duties may be difficult depending on the health and strength of our loved ones. Some basic cleaning that may be helpful might include:
• Vacuuming
• Cleaning bedding and making beds
• Mopping floors
• Cleaning bathrooms
• Other general cleaning tasks

Light & Deep House Cleaning & Janitorial in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

When thinking about hiring help for elderly loved ones, the first thing that you need to discuss is how much help they want. Sit down and go through the tasks that are the most important to have done and how often they would want help. Your loved ones may only want help once a month, others may just want a once or twice a year spring cleaning. If you are feeling like you or a loved one could benefit from some help with house cleaning duties don’t hesitate to call American Hometown Services. We can help you with any of the general cleaning or deep cleaning needs you may have to help your or your elderly loved ones keep up with the cleaning in your home.

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