How to Remove Mold After Water Damage in Macomb, IL; Mold in Air Ducts, HVAC System, Hidden in House & More

If your home has been damaged from some kind of water or flood emergency, it can be complete devastation. You are going to be in the midst of trying to salvage your items and personal belongings. Although this is extremely important to try and get your belongings out safe, you need to also start the cleanup. The water damage is going to start immediately and that means that the faster you work the better. Depending on the amount and level of the water that you have been flooded with, the harder the cleanup is going to be. The water will need to be dried out correctly to stop any mold from growing. If you wait too long to clean or you try and do it yourself rather than hiring a professional water damage restoration company, you could end up with a serious mold problem.

American Hometown Services Outlines Everything You Need to Know About the Dangers Of Mold from Water Damage

Mold in Air Ducts & HVAC System: When your home has some form of mold that is growing, it is not going to just stay in one spot. The mold spores can get air borne and will get into the air conditioning and heating vents. This means that each time the air or heat is turned on and running, mold can be flowing through the air. When this happens it can cause some breathing problems but worse than that it can land and start growing mold in new places.
Hidden Mold in House: Some people think that after a water damage disaster, the mold will be growing on the surface of a wall or floor. They want to see that dark colored spot that tells you there is a problem. The opposite is truer when it comes to mold. The mold easily grows under the carpeting as well as the drywall that is not exposed at all. That means that many times the mold goes unseen and you may think you took care of the problem, while it is slowly growing and getting worse. That is why you must use a water damage restoration company to get all the damage as well as any mold so that your home is clean and safe.
Cleaning Mold is Not Always Enough: There are some forms of mold and some extreme amounts of mold that cannot be treated. There are some areas that the best answer to resolving the mold problem is to remove some areas of the house such as pieces of drywall, carpeting and cabinets. These components may need to be removed from the home and allowed to dry out. Once they are removed, repairs can be made and the house can be put back in order.
Mold Can Cause Health Issues: The mold that grows as a result of water damage is a bunch of spores that can become air borne. That means that they can land in many areas including in your lungs as you breath. If you try and do your own mold cleanup you could start to feel symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. If you have asthma or allergies the symptoms can be worse and could even lead to medical attention.

Water Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation In Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri.

If you have had a flood or some form of water damage you should call a professional cleaning and restoration company that offers water damage and mold remediation. It is always better to allow a professional to do the cleanup to keep your home a safe place to live and reside. American Hometown Services knows just the right steps to take to restore your home even better than it was before and keep your loved ones safe from mold.

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