What Lives in Your Carpet in Quincy, IL; Steam Cleaning to Remove Dust Mites, Beetles & More

From the top carpets look benign. We sit and play on them and if properly selected, they add color and beauty to the room. High quality carpet is a joy and can last a long time. Looking from the top, carpet presents a benevolent surface to be enjoyed, but like flying over a triple canopy tropical forest, looks can be deceiving.
Like a jungle your carpet has inhabitants.

Dust Mites in Carpet

Most prevalent are dust mites. The small denizens are a mixed blessing. Beneficially they devour dander, hair and other debris shed by us and our pets. These creatures help keep the garbage generated by living organisms manageable, but they are also allergenic and can cause misery and distress for allergy suffers.

Black Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles and their larva are attracted to organic carpets with wool fibers. The larva feed on wool, hair, feathers and dead insects. These bugs can be very destructive to furniture, carpets and clothing if made with natural fibers. The adults tend to migrate away from the house, it’s the larvae that are destructive.

Ants & Silverfish in Carpet

Ants live any place they can find shelter and find food. Spilled snacks and sugary beverages may attract ants. Seen one it’s the scout, the army is just waiting. Silverfish, these simple but prolific insects lack wings but are everywhere chewing up crumbs, dead insects and even are attracted to glues, paper and leather.

Carpet Germs & Bacteria

These bugs are mentioned because they are attracted to the litter that accumulates in your carpet. Through use your carpet attracts and captures dirt and debris. Ever pull up a carpet in a dusty climate, like in the southwestern state or nearly any desert? With a lack of plant cover the wind can carry significant amounts of particulates, i.e. sand and soil. Some of these geological invaders also carry bacteria and viruses into the home.

Mold in Carpet

But not only are carpets bombarded by moving living animals, but the plant world has its gremlins as well. Mold may not be scientifically classified as a plant, but this fungus is not mobile in the classical sense, but is highly destructive if not caught in the early stages. Molds are fungi decomposers of dead organic material such as leaves and plants. Molds not only destroy carpets but are prodigious producers of allergens. Organic debris carried in by pets or naturally in the air provides the food. Drips and flooding add the moisture needed for growth. Living in an area where the humidity is high may provide sufficient moisture for mold growth.

Dog & Cat Urine Stain & Odor Remover

Last is pet urine, odors and stains. Do not carpet clean use heated carpet cleaning like steam as the permanently sets the stain by bonding the proteins to the fiber. Attack the stain first, then clean. Walk through your carpeted rooms and hallways using a black or ultraviolet light if you have pets, particularly dogs and cats. You may uncomfortable by the urine glow. Pets leak some, not a full blown urination, but more like dribbles.

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So why clean our carpets? If the above list of carpet denizens concerns you, consider carpet cleaning. Call American Hometown Services for professionally trained techs using the latest technology for your carpet care needs. Contact us today!

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