Carpet Cleaning Myths & Facts in Macomb, IL; Are Professional Carpet Cleaners Worth It & More

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are many myths that too many people are accepting as facts. Quite a few of these myths actually do more harm than good. In effort to help homeowners better protect their carpets from potential damage, we at American Hometown Services would like to dispel a few of the most common myths.

Busting Carpet Cleaning Myths with Health & Other Facts

Myth: DIY carpet shampooing and professional carpet cleaning have comparable results.
Fact: Where the standard deep carpet cleaning equipment is available to the public, by purchase or rent, and can disperse water easily enough, they often lack in the efficiency of extracting it. The lingering moisture will decay your carpets and trap the moisture and soil. Sooner rather than later, mold and mildew have grown. The strength and power of professional-grade equipment can ensure a maximum clean with no residual effects.
Myth: Cheaper carpets are most cost effective.
Fact: Unfortunately, when it comes to carpets, you get what you pay for. The inexpensive carpets are manufactured with poor quality materials, giving them a lesser lifespan than quality carpets. Investing in high-quality is better for long-term use.
Myth: Professional carpet cleaning is a luxury expense.
Fact: As carpet cleaning has become a very common service and a competitive industry, as well as an important part of maintenance, not only is professional carpet cleaning necessary, but it is very affordable.
Myth: Excessive vacuuming can rapidly accelerate the deterioration of carpet.
Fact: You can not vacuum enough and there is never too much vacuum. Routine vacuuming, even “excessive” vacuuming will only keep your carpets healthier. It is recommended that you vacuum daily if possible, but in high traffic areas should be a minimum of every 3-4 days and low traffic areas, once a week.
Myth: Steam cleaning treatments will damage carpets.
Fact: Where the inexperienced can certainly cause damage with misused equipment and wrong products or product used insufficiently, professionals are properly trained to ensure a safe procedure that is highly effective.
Myth: Professional carpet cleaning is only necessary to remove tough stains and odors.
Fact: Even with regularly vacuuming, the dirt and debris absorbs past the surface and accumulates deeply in the carpet fibers. The abrasive dirt and other elements can degrade the carpets and without routine carpet cleaning by professional standards, the lifespan will shorten, and they will quickly look dull and lifeless.
Myth: Newly installed carpets won’t need a professional cleaning for years to come.
Fact: Generally, at the minimum, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. If the carpets need it 2 times a year or simply more whenever needed, will keep the carpets vibrant, healthy, and manage their longevity as well as maintain freshness.
Myth: Carpet deodorize powders are enough to maintain fresh carpets.
Fact: Carpet powders, where using them every now and again won’t hurt, using them to the extreme can have the same damaging effect dirt has and these products do not eliminate the odors, but temporarily masks them.

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