What is the Loss Caused By Fires in Quincy, IL? Structural Damage from Flames, Smoke Odor & More

If you have ever been the victim of fire damage you know that the fire can cause devastation and it can spread far and quick. The problem with a fire is that you are not only dealing with the flames from a fire but much more. The fire starts in a particular location and can be caused by electrical malfunctions, lightning strikes or intentional arson. Whatever the reason is behind the fire your home is full of items that act as fuel to the flames. The fire needs something to burn and oxygen to continue to spread. Your homes walls are made up of wood on the interior and that is perfect fuel. There is also fabric on your furniture, in your closets and your carpets fibers all act as a catalyst to propel the flames. When a fire burst out is it always a good idea to get out of the home or building and get a safe distance away. You want to be sure that you call for help so that a firetruck can be dispatched right away. After the flames have been extinguished you are left with the mess. The faster you contact a fire damage restoration company the more likely it will be that you can save more in your home. American Hometown Cleaning lists the stages of fire damage and what you can do to clean up after a fire.

Structural Damage from Fire Flames

One of the most dangerous and common things about a fire is the flames. The flames are what are causing a lot of the damage and are what actually burns your furniture and walls. The flames are what are extinguished by the fire department and the cleanup is pretty straight forward. The items that are burnt all the way need to be removed and replaced with something new. There is not a lot that can be done for an item that has been burned.

What Does Smoke Damage Do to a House?

This is a secondary cause of damage when you are victim to a fire. The smoke is caused by the flames that are burning something and the smoke can cause just as much damage. The smoke leaves black soot on all the surfaces in the house and it needs to be removed and cleaned by a professional to be sure that it has been removed as well as the odor associated with it.

Water Damage from Extinguishing Fire

This is a part of the damages that come with a fire. The water and chemicals that are used to extinguish a fire are another part of the damage that needs to be cleaned. Water can quickly start to turn into mold and mildew that can be dangerous to your health.
Leave the cleanup that needs to be done after a fire to a professional to ensure that the odor, and damage has been removed completely and the repairs are done back to the standard that you want.

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