What is the Best Way to Clean Fresh Blood & Dried Blood Stains Out of Carpet in Rosewood Heights, IL?

Most people know how difficult it is to get blood out of anything. When blood gets on your carpet, it can be especially difficult to figure out how you will get it out. However, there are several different methods that you will find offer the assistance that you need to remove that blood. American Hometown Services is here to talk about some of the best methods for getting blood out of your carpet.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Get Rid of Blood Stains on Carpet?

If you have hydrogen peroxide in your home, it can be helpful in getting blood out of your carpet. You will want to make sure that it won’t cause discoloration to your carpet by testing it on an inconspicuous spot of carpet before using it though. If your carpet has passed the test, you can go ahead and saturate a cotton ball with the peroxide and then dab at the blood until it is saturated as well. Go ahead and let that sit for up to 1 hour before getting to work to blot it up.

Will Cold Water Get Fresh Blood Stains Out of Carpet?

Hopefully, you have caught the blood spill right when it happens. If this is the case, the blood won’t have a chance to seep into the carpet fibers yet and you may be able to remove it completely with some cold water and a clean, white cloth. Either spray the water or gently pour it on the fresh blood stain. Then use your clean cloth to blot it up. You can repeat this as many times as you need to.

Can OxiClean Get Out Carpet Blood Stains?

OxiClean can be extremely helpful in removing blood from practically anything. All you have to do is mix OxiClean powder with water and saturate the blood stain with it. After waiting for up to 5 minutes, you can then start to blot the stain out of the carpet fibers. If this doesn’t completely remove the stain the first time, go ahead and repeat the process until you no longer see any sign of blood.

Does Dish Soap Remove Blood Stains?

Mixing warm water with 2 teaspoons of dish soap can help you get rid of blood stains as well. Completely saturate a white cloth with the mixture and then make sure the blood stain is saturated as well. You can work the stain out of the carpet after letting it sit for a couple of minutes. Make sure you rinse the dish soap out of the carpet fibers as this can attract other dirt and dust to the carpet and cause another stain.

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If you have a blood stain on your carpet and cannot get it out using any of the methods listed above, it may be time to call on the professional carpet cleaners at American Hometown Services for help. We provide our customers with top notch carpet cleaning services that leave your carpets like new again. There is no stain too tough for us. Call us today!

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