What Can Live in a Couch in Holiday Shores, IL? Germs, Bacteria, Toxic Chemicals, Allergens & More

Most homeowners realize the challenges of keeping the sofa in pristine condition even though they are not cleaned as often as other areas. Doing the dishes, cleaning floors, scrubbing bathrooms, and other such routine chores are all done on a routine basis. Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning the sofa, few give it a second thought. When you consider the gross things hidden a couch, you will want to be sure the sofa gets a cleaning weekly and deep cleaned once or twice a year. To encourage homeowners to clean the sofa, we at American Hometown Services would like to discuss the common icky things that are likely festering on your sofa.

Does Germs, Viruses & Bacteria Live on Couches?

Since the upholstery is the perfect conductor, most germs are easily spread simply through day-to-day living. The sofa is a hot spot in the house because the adult, kids, and pets congregate to sit, lounge, play and eat frequently. As far as germs are concerned, the sofa is one the most concentrated places. To avoid spreading the illnesses and germs, be sure to have the upholstery professionally cleaned and sanitized twice a year.

Toxic Chemicals in Furniture Upholstery

Your sofa is negatively impacted by the cleaning chemicals, dust, paint particles, and whatever else will inevitably find its way onto your furniture and other floating in the air. During the cleaning process, these chemicals and toxin deposits that can irritate your skin are expertly removed.

Grease & Oil Stains on Couch

In the sofa, grease and oils from food and messy fingers and bodies are absorbed. Unsightly spotting and staining as well as unsanitary conditions come from the oils and grease are like magnets to dirt and substances as well as germs. You can better control potential germs and stains with regular upholstery cleaning in order to keep this unavoidable accumulation of oils at bay and extend the life span of the furniture.

Allergens in Upholstered Furniture

Dust mites, along with their shed skins and feces, are thriving within the soft upholstery fibers. Resulting in in skin irritation and triggering allergies, asthma, and other serious respiratory problems comes from the plenty of other allergens accumulating in the fibers as well. In conjunction with your cleaning and care, investing in a professional sofa cleaning can help you control the allergens that cause problems. Removing nearly all of the allergens and most of the airborne bacteria as well, the deep cleaning from a professional will improve the indoor air quality.

Mold of Fabric Furniture

The soft upholstery fibers absorb moisture, like a sponge, produces the perfect environment for mold to grow. Over exposure to mold is unsanitary since other ailments to develop as well as trigger allergies. It is best to remove traces of mold and mold spores to protect your family by eliminating them with professional upholstery cleaning.

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