How Do You Clean, Strip & Wax VCT Flooring in Quincy, IL? Preparation, Stripping, Scrubbing, Waxing & More

Due to its high resilience and durability features, VCT flooring is a very popular choice for high traffic areas. In hospital hallways, commercial buildings and daycares is where VCT, or vinyl composite tile commonly used. VCT flooring comes in a wide array of patterns, finishes, and outlook and is one of the most sought out floors by homeowners who are interested in an attractive, functional and durable floor. General maintenance includes a thorough cleaning of the floors with warm soapy water and a mop once a week and daily routine of sweeping or vacuuming will keep your floors neat and clean. Additionally, the VCT flooring needs to have the old wax stripped, cleaned, and waxed restore shine every so often. With this topic of discussion, we at American Hometown Services would like to offer the basics when it comes to VCT stripping and cleaning.

Steps to Stripping & Waxing VCT Floors

1) VCT Waxing & Stripping Preparations. It is highly recommended to take protective measures by wearing of rubber gloves to protect your skin from possible irritation. To prepare the stripper, use a bucket and follow directions according to the manufacturer. Following the dilution ration correctly is crucial. If the weather permits and if applicable, flip on all the fans, make sure all the windows and doors are open as well.
2) Develop a VCT Plan. Before you conduct the cleaning, you want to make proper arrangement. Make sure when you start using your low-speed scrubber as you scrub the areas prior to stepping on. Doing so will ensure you the efficiency of the project and reduce the risk of slipping.
3) Administer Stripper. While wearing rubber boots, saturate the flour with the stripper mixture using a mop to spread it over the entire floor. Apply more of the stripper agent to sustain the process as you give the solution time to strip the previous wax.
4) Use a Low-Speed Scrubber. Begin scrubbing the floors in small sections to strip the previous wax on the floor after attaching a stripping pad (black pad) onto the floor scrubber. A cotton rag may come in handy to wipe away splatters that may occur on the walls and doors. Change the stripping pad, flip to use other side once you notice a decline in efficiency.
5) Clean the VCT Surface. Use a dry vacuum, in order to get rid of the loose wax from the floor. A thorough cleanup of the bucket and mop using hot soapy water and safely dispose of the remaining stripped. By rinsing the mop with plenty of water, ensure the maximum removal of any wax or stripper remaining.
6) Administer the Wax. Prepare a bucket with VCT floor wax and a clean mop. Dip the mop into the wax and apply it onto the floor in small sections.
7) Completely let the Wax Dry. The wax could dry in fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the day’s weather and humidity. By leaving the fan lines, accelerate the drying process.

VCT Floor Stripping, Waxing & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

The process can be long and quite laborious when comes to VCT stripping and cleaning. Call the experts of American Hometown Services and let us take care of your commercial VCT cleaning to spare your body the abuse and get the job done right and faster.

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