How Do Professionals Clean Tile & Grout in Pontoon Beach, IL? Steam Cleaning, Sealing Tiles & More

Because of its beauty and easy maintenance, the most popular flooring choice is tile. Grout can be a disadvantage. It can be prone to stains and damage from water since it is porous and often light-colored. The grout can also become mildewed or cracked without proper maintenance. Though it is really quite easy, proper maintenance for your tile floors may sound like a tiresome chore. Today, we at American Hometown Services would like to share some steps that will help keep your floor looking good.

Dust & Vacuum Tile Floors

Before it becomes embedded in your tile and grout, use a vacuum or a fluffy dust mop daily to remove dust and dirt. To maintain your flooring, this is the easiest and fastest way. Because it will scratch your tiles, never use a straw broom for the job.

Clean Dirty Tile Flooring

Once a week, mop your floor with warm water. To enhance your tile’s color, shine and gloss, you can also use a mild soap. Before using any cleansers to avoid damaging your tiles, make sure to check with the manufacturer. In addition to preventing new dirt from settling into the wet area, do not forget to dry your floor right after damp mopping to avoid accidents.

Clean Up Spills on Tile & Grout Right Away

In order to avoid dirt collection and slipping use absorbent cloths to wipe up spills. It will reduce the chances of stains building up on your tile as well. To clean dirtier spills, use a cleanser or disinfectant. In order to prevent bacteria from setting into your tiles, raw meat and egg spills require a more aggressive cleaning. It might be a good idea to mop the area with water since the chemicals may dull the tiles.

Use Doormats to Help Protect Tile Floors

On both sides of the doors that lead in and out of your home, place doormats. During inclement weather, this will eliminate mud or water from getting tracked indoors. Use a bathmat to keep your tiles dry if you have floor tile in your bathroom.

Area Rug Tile Floor Protector

In areas that receive high foot traffic, place area rugs or runners. In areas such as the entryway or family room, this can prevent dulling, scratches and dirt build-up that will occur.

Deep Cleaning Tile & Grout

Every so often, use deep cleaning solutions. Without damaging your tiles, this will help remove stains and greasy residue. Combine ½ cup of white vinegar with a gallon of warm water. Especially useful for kitchens this is natural approach. Also, to help remove hard grease from your flooring, the fresh water and dish detergent is ideal. Warm water solution will remove stains and a half-and-half scouring power.

Clean the Grout

Do not forget to clean your grout. For this job, you do not have to go out and buy special cleaners. With baking soda and water, simply create a paste. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout after spreading the paste onto the grout and let it sit overnight. When you are finished cleaning, rinse the paste off with warm water.

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