What Can Exterior Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing Do For My Hamilton, IL Home & Property?

Does it seem like your home is in need of some sprucing up and you are not really sure what you can do about it? Pressure washing is a great way to clean off dirt and grime that builds up over time. Sweeping and spraying things off with a hose can remove some of the dirt but the deep set in dirt cannot be cleaned by that alone. Pressure washing is great for many exterior areas of the house and property.

American Hometown Services Lists Areas that Pressure Washing Can Help to Clean Your Home

Exterior Siding & Stucco: The exterior of your home is made up of some type of material such as siding or stucco and that is then painted. It will look great for some time but they will start to get dirty. This is due to the wind, rain and snow that comes throughout all the seasons. The dirt will slowly build and that may make it hard to notice right away. A pressure washing company can come out and clean off the siding and stucco to leave it clean and will also protect the paint as well.
Brick & Brownstone: The key to cleaning brick is less pressure power washing and more detergent than used on other surfaces. Bricks and mortar are porous, so the detergent and water will soak in and allow a deep cleaning in all the areas dirt may reach. Improper cleaning of brownstone can cause more damage in minutes than years of weathering from the elements. A gentle soft water wash is the best bet here as harsh cleaners or high pressure can damage the sandstone.
Walkways, Patios, Porches & Driveways: The concrete that leads up to your home and makes up the entry or porch needs to be cleaned. These concrete areas can start to get a build up of debris from dirt, dust and other elements. Many times dust is blown in along with leaves and trash that will lead to the cement looking dirty. It can also get dirty from everyday living such as people walking up or bikes riding by. Concrete driveways in particular can also get hard to remove oil stains. A professional pressure washer can come out and treat all the concrete and walkways to ensure that the look their best. This can also increase the curb appeal.
Windows: You may not realize it but the windows collect quiet a lot of dirt. The windows, if left with the dirt, debris and sediment on, can lead to damage that cannot be reversed. The sediment is the hardest part of the dirt and will start to cause damage to the actual window pane. If this happens you may have to replace the window prematurely. When you have a company come out and pressure wash the windows on your home, all the sediment can be removed and extend the life of your windows.
Roof & Gutters: One area of the home that tends to get overlooked is the roof and the gutters. The gutters are often not thought about until they are so full of mud and gunk that they no longer can drain the water away from the house. The roof can play host to all sorts of debris and stains from snow, leaves, branches and feces from pests and rodents. These can all be removed by a professional pressure washing company and is best done on a regular basis.

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