Water Damage Inspection, Categories, Repair & Restoration in Macomb, IL; the More Contaminated the Water, the More Dangerous the Emergency Disaster

Water Damage Can Destroy Your Home Without Proper Restoration Services

Water damage to a home can be devastating depending on the severity. Rain, floods, storms and broken pipes are all responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damages to homes each and every year. Many homeowners do not realize the extreme impact water can have on the condition of their home until tragedy strikes and major damage is done. Often time’s homeowners take the responsibility of repairing their home after water damage on their own. This can be dangerous because not all water damage is visible or can be seen on the surface. If all moisture is not removed, mold and mildew can grow throughout your home and cause even bigger issues. Proper restoration from a professional is needed after water damage to your home. American Hometown Services is skilled and experienced in repairing all water damage that is done to your home.

The More Contaminated the Water, the More Dangerous the Emergency Disaster

The dirtier the water is involved with water damage in your home the more dangerous the situation becomes. Floods, sewage back flows and other sources of contaminated water are responsible for the worst kinds of damage. Dirty water is packed full of all kinds of deadly substances ranging from chemical residues, to animal feces and even parasites. Bacteria, viruses and mold grow like wild fire in contaminated fluid. In these conditions severe health risks are present, including salmonella, dysentery and hepatitis. It is not safe for you or your family to be around this type of water damage ever. If your home has experienced these severe circumstances, contact American Hometown Services immediately.

Water Damage & Mold Inspection

The first step to take after your home has experienced any water damage is to call in the professionals at American Hometown Services. American Hometown Services technicians will perform a thorough inspection of all the water damage that has been done. We will pinpoint all locations of water damage above and below the surfaces of your home. A thorough inspection with moisture meters will allow technicians to remove water from every area that has been damaged. Any standing water will be pumped out of your home and a drying process will quickly begin to get your home back in proper order.

Powerful and Effective Water Extraction & Damage Restoration Tools

Another bonus of hiring American Hometown Services is that we are equipped with powerful vacuums and pumping systems, high volume air movers, dehumidifiers, heat injectors, moisture meters and all other tools and equipment needed to completely restore the water damage that was done to your home.

Water Damage Restoration Specialists in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri and Norman, Oklahoma

If your home has experienced any type of water damage, do not delay or procrastinate contacting a professional to begin repairing the damage that was done. The longer you wait, the more dangerous the situation will become. Contact American Hometown Services today to remove the water from your home and repair areas that have been damaged.

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