What Are the Most Common & Leading Causes of House Fires Needing Damage Restoration in Warsaw, IL?

Having a fire in your home is one of the most devastating things that anyone has to deal with. The thought that you first have is if you were able to get all the people and animals out of the house! After that and you determine that each person is safe you are then going to think about the loss that you are sure to find. A fire is a big problem in all seasons of the year but in the winter it is even more prevalent. The heat sources that are used during this time are one reason but there is much more. The fire is really only part of the issue. There is of course the flames that eat away at anything that is flammable or able to burn. There is also the smoke from what is burning that is a secondary issue of a fire but can be just as destructive as the actual flames. The smoke can get into every nook and cranny and even in the HVAC system, leaving your home smelling like smoke even after it has been cleaned up. The residue left behind is extremely hard to clean up and usually requires the help of a professional that has experience in cleaning fire damage. If the cleaning is not done correctly the house can look good but continue to smell terrible like the fire was still burning.

American Hometown Services Lists the Most Common Reasons Behind House Fires

Electrical House Fires: A problem with electricity is one of the most common causes of a house fire. There does not need to be a giant flame igniting to cause serious devastation. The heat from an electric socket, wiring or appliance is enough to heat up something around it and start a fire. That can then start to spread from one area to the next. If you have a wire in your home that has been damaged and the actual wiring is exposed it can create a spark. That spark can ignite its surroundings and lead to a huge fire. The majority of a home’s wiring is in the walls where all the wood beams and the insulation are as well.
Fires from Smoking & Candles: Another way that a home is caught on fire is from a candle or a cigarette. There are calls every year that a person’s home is on fire because they fell asleep while they were smoking. The cigarette has a red ember on the end that can be used to start a flame if it falls on the carpet or a piece of upholstery. A candle is usually lit and left on a counter to bring light or a nice aroma to the room. The candle does have a flame that can cause a fire it is it left too close to a curtain or wall.
Dryer Vent Fires: Another common cause of house fires is from the dryer vent in your laundry room. The vent can become full of lint and then when the dryer heats up the lint is extremely flammable. The flames can ignite and cause a fire to your home.

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