Rental & Homeowner Apartment & House Move Out Cleaning Checklist & Instruction Sheet in East Alton, IL

With the current economic conditions being what they are, more often than not, people are renting or leasing places to call home. When it comes time for you to move out, whether you are upgrading to owning your home, or moving to greener pastures, ensuring the home is left clean is essential to getting your deposit back and often one of the stipulations. Wanting to make sure you dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t really know where to start. For those that need a little assistance, we at American Hometown Services have compiled a simple checklist to follow when it comes time for you to move out of the current dwelling.

General Move Out Cleaning Checklist & Instruction Sheet

– All nails, screws and tacks need to be removed from walls and ceiling. Fill any existing holes with putty. The putty should be level with the wall and as smooth as possible. After it is dry, touch it up with a sandpaper sponge.
– Dust all the walls, doors, fixtures, ledges, ceilings, ceiling fans, baseboards, vents, and all other surfaces thoroughly.
– Clean all the windows well and streak free. Don’t forget to dust off the frame, sill, and blinds.
– Wipe down all light switches, outlets, door knobs with a clean cloth and your favorite disinfectant.
– As you assess each room, remove any cobwebs and dust bunnies.
– Vacuum all the carpets, including next to the walls with your hose attachment and remove any stains. Sweep all other floor surfaces and mop or treat them accordingly. For example, hardwood floors and tiled floors are cleaned and treated with very different chemicals. If you are in doubt, sweep the surface and spot clean any stains.

Bathroom Move Out Clean Checklist

– Clean away the soap scum from tiled areas around the backsplashes, tub and showers. Especially be attentive to the grout where most scum builds up.
– Move on to the cabinets and drawers and remove the hair, trash and other debris. Using your vacuum hose attachment can help remove a lot of the particles found there. Wipe down vanity and counter space. Clean the mirrors with the appropriate cleaners.
– Disinfect the toilet and if the seat has seen better days, consider replacing it.
– Floors need to be presentable, clean them accordingly.
– Check the exhaust fan, if it is dusty run your vacuum hose across it or broom.

Kitchen Move Out Cleaning Tips

– Like the bathrooms, clean out all cabinets and drawers of debris, remove liners if applicable.
– Wash cabinet’s exterior with mild soap and water, immediately dry with clean cloth.
– Disinfect countertops, sink and faucets. If necessary, touch up the faucets with an approved polish.
– If refrigerator is staying behind, be sure to scrub down thoroughly. All fridges have removable drawers and shelves. If necessary remove them and scour the pieces individually, dry and replace. Don’t forget the exterior needs a good wipe down.
– Clean the dishwasher’s exterior and check inside at the bottom to ensure it is free of debris.
– Dust off exhaust fans.
– Slide out movable objects, sweep and mop the floor meticulously and treat the floors according to their needs.

Bedrooms and Living Room Move Out Clean

– Clear the dust off the walls, floorboards, ceilings, ceiling fans and vents as indicated in the general cleaning.
– Do not neglect the closets and clean them as you would the open space.
– Vacuum floors. If you do not have carpeted bedroom floors, sweep and mop down.
– Clean windows inside and out as well as the blinds, sills, and frames.

Garage Move Out Cleaning (If you have one)

– Once the garage is emptied, sweep all debris and dispose of it.

Exterior Move Out Cleaning for Outside the Premises

– Freshly cut grass if applicable is typically expected if your lease indicates you are responsible for care.
– Pull weeds.
– Sweep away debris. If grass stains or mud persists, hose down well and brush away with a push broom.

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