How Can You Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Hamilton, IL Home? Seal Leaks, House & Air Duct Cleaning

In recent years, experts are finding that the indoor air quality in various parts of the country is alarmingly low. In some areas, the outdoor air is three times better than that in your home. For folks that seem to suffer from chronic allergies, frequent asthma attacks, and other discomfort or concerns with their respiratory system, the indoor air quality you breathe daily could be a major contributor. The air ducts in your home, for example, are accumulating excessive amounts of dust, dust mites, dirt, human hair animal fur/hair, dander and other potential contaminates such as recent construction debris, fire or smoke damage residue, water damage residue, moisture buildup, mildew, mold, cigarette smoke residue, and any number of pollutants and allergens. Other contributing factors could also be making your indoor air quality poor. With all that circulating in the air, naturally breathing that in continually will have negative impacts. Today we at American Hometown Services, Inc would like to share some tips that can dramatically improve the quality of your indoor air.

Tips on How You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

– Assess the exterior of your home and make any repairs to holes, cracks and crevices, along with damaged vents and utility lines you should find.
– Invest in a professional air duct cleaning service every 3-5 years. Sooner if there are multiple residents, indoor pets, or indoor smokers.
– Diligently clean or replace your HVAC system filter every three months at a minimum, if smokers, pets, and respiratory issues are factors.
– Be sure the humidity levels are well balanced. Experts say the humidity levels in your home should range between 30% and 50%, with 45% being the most optimal. A dehumidifier or a humidifier can be useful to control humidity levels.
– Control the dust by dusting regularly and keep the floors vacuumed, swept and mopped as needed.
– Minimize activities that tend to flood the home with pungent odors such as cooking fish, smoking inside, and other related activities.

Health & Other Benefits of High Quality Clean Indoor Air

Allergy reduction. Simply performing tasks to improve the indoor air will reduce the allergens in your home, helping to minimize allergies. It has been recently reported that an estimate of 10%-30% of Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. Symptoms: sneezing, irritated eyes, congestion, and itchy throat. The most common triggers are; dust, animal dander, mold spores, cockroach debris, and pollen. All these allergens are presently floating in the air which settles on surfaces throughout your home.
Keep the humidity balanced. As previously mentioned the indoor humidity levels should be around 45%. Balanced humidity levels improve the overall indoor air quality. Know too much moisture in the air can make breathing labored, and not enough moisture can irritate the skin, dry out the nose and throat, inducing nose bleeds, static shock, and of course guarantee a bad hair day. Utilizing humidifiers or dehumidifiers can help to the overall air quality and make your home more comfortable.
Reduce energy and costs. Much of the improvements for indoor air quality affect your HVAC system which will also improve the energy efficiency and reduce costs.
Breathing made simpler. You may not even be aware of the impact poor indoor air quality has on your breathing. Without adequate air pumping through your lungs, your body’s overall performance will drop. Shallow breaths or an extensive amount of time puts a great strain on the heart and lungs. Exceptional indoor air will also improve your breathing allowing your body to get the sufficient air it needs.
Improved sleep. While you sleep breathing pattern adjust, the rate decreases and the tempo is steady. But if you are enduring REM sleep, the breathing is the equivalent of being awake. Unregulated breathing disrupts sleep while straining the lungs leaving you with restless during the night. Improved air quality will help improve your sleep.

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