Water Damage Prevention Systems in Mendon, IL; Water Shut Off Valve, Check for Leaks & More

Water damage in your home can occur in several ways and is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States. Each year, billions of dollars are spent in property losses as a direct result of water damages. The fact that about 93% of all water damage can be prevented makes it important to know just how it happens. Being prepared can save your property from damage and the money you may have to spend to fix it.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

1. Know location of water shutoff valve. Every homeowner should know where this is. This valve will shut the water off to your home and significantly limit the amount of flooding that will occur in your home should a leak spring from your pipes. Knowing where it is and how to shut it off will be very beneficial in a flooding situation.
2. Check appliances for leaks. Appliances in your home should be inspected regularly to look for leaks or other issues that may cause problems. It only takes a little bit of time to do it and can save you the hassle of serious problems.
3. Replace washing machine hoses. Another part of appliance inspection includes the replacement of washing machine hoses. These hoses can become old and brittle and start to leak. These hoses are one of the leading causes of water loss and flooding in the home. The small cost of replacing them can save you lots if a flooding situation should arise.
4. Clean gutters often. Rain gutters are designed to divert water away from your home. When they become clogged, they can’t do that. This will cause water to back up into your home and cause serious water damage. Free gutters of leaves, dirt and other debris regularly to prevent any problems.
5. Maintain vegetation and trees. Vegetation and trees increase the curb appeal of your home. If they are neglected and homeowners fail to maintain them the roots can grow around your pipes. This can break them and cause a flooding situation.
6. Use a water leak detector device. A water detection device can be beneficial in detecting moisture. It’s small electronic device that will sound an alarm if moisture levels get too high. This can give you a head start in preventing a flood and the water damage that can come with it. Ideal locations to have these devices are by dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and water heaters.
7. Monitor your water bill. Your monthly water bill will alert you if water is leaking in your home somewhere. Significant jumps from one month to the next will be an indication that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Water Damage Restoration Services & More in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

These are some of the different ways that water can damage your home and what you can do to prevent them. Stay vigilant to prevent possible water damage disasters. If your home has experienced water damage, don’t delay, contact the water damage restoration professionals at American Hometown Services. Our water restoration team can take care of the entire process from start to finish. Give us a call today!

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