Smoke Odor Removal After a Fire in Your Warsaw, IL House; Carpet, Air Duct Cleaning & More

When a home catches fire, and if the flames are put out before substantial damage occurs, you are often left dealing with the fire damage yourself. Where even minor fire damage can cause the smell of smoke and ash in your home, removing the smell can be a major hardship. For those who are looking for ways to help get the smoke smell out of their home, American Hometown Services will share how to go through your home and help you remove smoke, ash, and other odors caused by the fire.

Air Out Your House After a Fire

When a fire occurs inside your home, the scent of smoke penetrates the walls, furniture, and all types of fabric. Your first step in combating the smoke odor is by airing out your home. Open all of the windows including the screens to provide as much air flow as possible. Open the doors as well and turn on all ceiling fans. If you have portable fans, place them in front of the windows or doors. Place them where the fan is blowing outside. The fan will suck the air from inside the home and blow it outside. This will help remove those air borne ash particles outside. Have the fans on the highest settings helps get more of the interior air out of your home. There are tiny particle of ashes and burnt substances floating inside your home. To help prevent the air from contaminating your efforts of removing the odors, you will want to make sure the air has been ventilated and cleared of ash and smoke particles first.

Deep Cleaning Up After a House Fire

After airing out your home, your next step is some deep cleaning. Start by washing all of the linens in your home. This may include curtains, furniture covers, cushions, blankets, bedding, towels and even clothing inside closets. Be prepared to do a lot of laundry. Any fabric that can be washed in the washing machine should be washed. Smoke residue will stick to any surface including glass, metal, wood and solid materials. For surfaces beside natural stones, mix together a spray bottle of half water and half white wine vinegar. Vinegar is great for breaking odors. Use the vinegar to clean and wipe down all solid surfaces, except natural stone or concrete. Vinegar can erode stone. However wood, metal and plastic and even fabrics can be sprayed down with the vinegar. You will want to clean every surface, including walls, ceilings, light fixtures, blinds, trim and furniture. You may need to rewash and clean windows with alcohol if the windows appear foggy. Another suggestion is repainting the walls to cover the old paint and the odors with it.

Professional Cleaning of Carpet, Rugs, Upholstery & Air Ducts

Upholstery, rugs and carpet traps in odors, including smoke odors, which makes it very difficult to get the odors out. It is recommended to have your carpet, rug and upholstery deep cleaned by a professional. We can effectively get the odors out, clean and recover your carpets, rugs and upholstery after a fire. Also consider getting your air ducts cleaned as ash will be trapped inside the air ducts and will spread the ash and burnt particles throughout your home.

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