How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned in Quincy, IL & What Does Air Duct Cleaning Involve?

If you are concerned about allergens in your home, there is one place that is known to collect them and continue to spread them throughout your home. We are talking about the air ducts! They are part of your air conditioning system and are a series of tubing that send the cooled or heated air into each room. The air is usually filtered before it gets to the air ducts but it is never free from dirt, dust and debris. If you fail to change out your filters when you are supposed to, it can lead to the dirt and dust to collect in the air ducts and build up. This can lead to more and more allergens in your home as well as the unit having to work harder to cool down your home. American Hometown Services list signs and reasons why you need your air ducts cleaned and how to maintain them!

How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

Your cold-air return vents will offer a big clue that you need air duct cleaning. If your air vents are coated with a buildup of pet hair, dust and other debris, it’s time to schedule an appointment to have your air ducts cleaned. Another sign you need your air ducts cleaned is if you start to notice that your power bill has gone up. It could be due to clogged and dirty air ducts. The more debris is in the air ducts the harder the unit has to work to cool the house down. This can be a sign that they need to be cleaned. If you notice that your allergies are getting worse you may need to schedule air duct cleaning. The allergens are going to be swirling around the house causing more trouble breathing and sneezing. If you smell odors that are dusty and offensive it can be coming from the air dusts and the dirt that is built up.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Involve?

The air duct cleaning will be thorough when you hire a professional company that has experience in air duct cleaning. The technician that comes out will come to your home and look in each vent opening to inspect for how much debris needs to be cleaned. The cleaning products usually include vacuum systems as well as brushes and cleaning supplies. The cleaner and drier the vents are the cleaner your house will feel and smell!

How To Maintain Clean Air Ducts

Once the air ducts are cleaned, it is a great idea to have new filters installed right away. You also want to be sure that you have the filters changed out on the regular basis to ensure that the dirt and dust is removed and cannot get in the air ducts again. Another way to keep the air ducts clear of debris is to make sure that you keep a tidy house and dust and vacuum often. You want to eliminate the majority of the dust that makes its way to the filters and eventually the air duct system.

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