Tips for Cleaning Natural Stone Floors in Quincy, IL; Use Proper Cleaner Products & More

Natural stone floors are a common choice among homeowners today. There are many types of stone flooring from marble and slate to travertine and granite; and each has its own unique needs. This durable floor material does require proper care and cleaning to ensure its longevity. To prolong the life of your stone floor, American Hometown Services will share the unique needs and cleaning methods for stone flooring. We will share four of the most essential tips for caring for stone floors.

How to Care for Natural Stone Floors

Check Hard Floor Manufacturer Information: If you recently have or are going to buy stone flooring for your home, know the types of stone and its cleaning and care requirements. Most types of floor will come with manufacturer instructions for installation and of course, the care and cleaning needs of the material. The manufacturer should provide information about what cleaners to use and if the material requires polishing, or resealing from time to time. Never use any cleaner that is not specifically meant for your type of floor. This includes multipurpose cleaners. Never use vinegar on stone as acidic cleaners will erode and damage most types of stone floors.
Protect Natural Stone Floors: Another step in preserving your stone floor is by protecting the floor. In high traffic areas consider using place mats and area rugs to protect the floor. Avoid walking on stone floors with shoes. Create a “no shoes” inside the home rule. This will prevent less dirt and other foreign substances from damaging your floors. Additionally some shoes like heeled shoes or boots can damage the stone or the sealer. Depending on the type of stone you have it may require polishing and/or sealing periodically. Make sure you know the maintenance needs of your stone floor and have the maintenance done when it is needed. Lastly, make sure to frequently vacuum or sweep the floor. Professionals will recommend that you do a daily cleaning to prevent dirt or erosion. However, each household will vary on how frequently the floor should be cleaned.
Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Tools: Make sure you use the right cleaning tools. Where stone is very durable, the sealer is not. Avoid abrasive cleaning tools. Vacuums are favored for their efficiency. However, sweeping with a soft bristled broom is good as well. When mopping the floor don’t over soak the floor. Mopping should only be done once a week at most to prevent premature wear of the sealer.
Only Use Cleaners Made for Natural Stone: It can’t be stressed enough to use cleaners designed for your type of stone floor. Each material will vary as to the recommended cleaners. Never substitute a recommended cleaner for another stone floor cleaner either. Make sure you clean spills right away. Never let food or liquid sit on the stone floor for any length of time. Make sure you frequently clean the floor to ensure the floor’s longevity.

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Stone floors require constant and proper care. As durable as stone may seem there are a lot of elements inside the home that can damage and erode your beautiful stone floors. If you need help from the professionals, contact American Hometown Services. We provide many services for both residential and commercial properties. Contact American Hometown Services today to schedule our services.

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