Risks of Cleaning Own Business in Macomb, IL; OSHA Compliance, Workers Comp & More

It seems almost unorthodox for people to find reasons why they shouldn’t clean as opposed to mere reasons why they should, especially in an office or business-type setting. When compared to employees in private industries, studies show that custodial employees can be injured on the job twice as much. Due to wet surfaces, climbing ladders, moving heavy objects, and so on, workers are more prone to slipping, falling, and sustaining other industries. Back and other major injuries are a common occurrence when people are not accustomed to the continuous bending and twisting associated with janitorial work are asked to complete these tasks. The organization, you and your employees are at risk when you conduct your business by assigning your daily staff extra janitorial duties. Consider the risks of skipping hiring professional janitorial cleaning services that we at American Hometown Services, Inc would like to caution you about.

Compliance of OSHA

In order to require any business to ensure it is maintained cleaned, sanitized and in serviceable condition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, expects the employer to establish and implement a schedule for servicing, cleaning and supplying each facility. Involving industries where the use of potent cleaning chemicals is mandatory, if they are not properly handled, they can cause burning eye, skin irritation, and even cause lung damage. As the proper storage and use of cleaning chemicals is a major concern, OSHA has been prompted to issue a bulletin on the hazards of cleaning products and associated protective measures.

Workers’ Comp Premiums for Insurance

Any injuries sustained while on the job; including taking your employee away from their primary job to wash windows, clean bathrooms, or any other cleaning duties are still required to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Not only will you decrease productivity should you incur a costly work claim, but you can lower morale.

Requirements for Liability Insurance

Whether you have a full-time custodian or assign cleaning duties to various employees, there are always liabilities to consider. Not only can you risk your own employees if a mishap happens during custodial work, but the visitors as well. Hiring professional janitorial means proper protocols such as displayed signage of wet floors, and the company carries proper liability insurance in the event an accident occurs, taking full responsibility.

Cleaning Chemical Safety

There are many chemicals made tough on dirt and germs that can affect the body negatively. Professional janitorial companies adequately train their staff to handle various chemicals used to sanitize and disinfect safely; wearing protective gloves, clothing, and even safety goggles or breathing masks as needed along with other safety measures are applied by knowing professionals. Toxic fumes that might be produced from mixing various chemicals is avoided by trained professionals as well, preventing hazardous conditions from untrained staff.

Decreased Employee Morale and Productivity

You are often creating disgruntled employees who feel they did not get hired to clean an do their jobs, dropping morale in addition to taking away from productivity where employees will leave their primary tasks to complete cleaning duties before heading off the clock.

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Gambling your business in an effort to save a few bucks from hiring a professional janitorial service is simply not worth it. When you need expert janitorial services, call American Hometown Services, Inc and let our specialists take care of the cleanliness of your business.

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