Hoarder Levels from Beginner Stages to Extreme Compulsive Hoarding in Fall Creek, IL

Dealing with a messy house can be a real struggle. It seems like there is a constant battle with the people that are living in the house and what they leave laying around. Chores are never done because as soon as you clean one space the next one is calling your name. Then you have to start your routine all over again. Although it seems like it will never be clean there is hope. As long as you stay with a routine the house will be in good shape. The problems that exist when you are dealing with a hoarder are much worse. If you know someone that is a hoarder or you suspect it there are some levels that you need to be aware of. A hoarder is not something that happens out of the blue but usually over time it gets worse and worse.

American Hometown Services Offers Tip for How to Help a Hoarder Through Stages of Hoarding

Level One – Beginner Hoarder: If you think that you know what a hoarder looks like you might be mistaken. The hoarder will start at a lower level and not just be a full blown mess. The level one will only have some subtle hints to alert someone. The things that you need to look for are mostly in some of the behaviors. They might have a problem with shopping and getting rid of things that they have some across or purchased. Their house may not be cluttered at all and they often have a nice clean living space. There aren’t areas of the house that are sealed off with clutter and messes.
Hoarding Level Two: The next level shows off more of what you might expect from a hoarder. You may see some stacks of things that they are collecting. They don’t actually have a spot to go so they seem to be placed in areas that are supposed to be for other uses. They level of cleanliness is on the decline and they will start to withdraw from others and stop asking for many visitors.
Level Three Hoarder: If someone has started to let hoarding take over their life they have likely stepped into a level three. They are sure to have a problem in the kitchen that usually is not operation due to clutter. They may eat out often since their ability to access the stove, oven and fridge is hindered. As a visitor you will take notice when you go in a house of a level three hoarder. You may even start to notice that they are suffering from some normal hygiene as well.
Hoarding Level Four: This is when the house is usually at a level that would be considered a hazard and potentially dangerous. The house will be cluttered to such a level that rooms as not accessible and often they are left to live in a small single space within the house. If they have pets they are not cared for and will be leaving their liter all over the house and even multiplying when they want to. You can be assured that the house has been damaged as well when it comes to the structure.
Level Five Hoarder: This is the level everyone is aware of and it is probable that there have been attempts made to help. The house is over cluttered and the resident may not even come out of the house. They don’t leave and they do not allow people inside for fear that their belongings will be removed, misplaced or damaged.

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