Fire, Soot, Ash & Smoke Damage Cleanup Process & Restoration Procedure in Hannibal, MO

Having to live through a fire can be devastating, but when the proper steps are taken the process can reverse the damage that a fire has caused to your home. This will allow you and your family to get back into your home as soon as possible and getting back to your normal will do wonders for your emotional state. Most companies will follow the same steps with minor variations depending on the company. American Hometown Services offers a wide number of services that together provide complete fire damage restoration!

Fire Damage Restoration Procedures

Step 1- Disaster Emergency Contact. The best companies to use are the ones that will be able to come out as quickly as possible after they’ve been contacted. This will give you immediate relief for your home if you’ve experienced any sort of fire damage. While it’s the fire departments job to put the fire out, the reason it’s so important to get help right away is that the soot and smoke damage spreads throughout your property. In addition, if the fire has caused a hole in your roof, you’ll need to have it fixed to prevent further damage from rain that will lead to more problems. The longer you leave damage the more it will end up costing.
Step 2- Fire Damage Assessment. This will be the next step taken by most fire damage restoration companies and will give you and us an idea as to the extent of the damage. We will look at how deeply the fire, smoke and soot have gone into the furniture and the walls of your home.
Step 3- Home Sealing Services. This may be done with tarps. The number one goal in fire damage restoration is to prevent further damage. We will always take care of issues that otherwise will end up making the process more lengthy and costly. Leaks in roofs and walls require immediate attention. Water damage restoration usually goes hand in hand with fire damage restoration as fire can cause pipes to burst not to mention the efforts form the fire department putting the fire out. Ending the source of water that caused any damage will prevent further damage.
Step 4- Fire Damage Clean Up. The process of cleaning after any fire damage is to clean away the smoke, dust and soot from all the surfaces. Your property will look dark, stained and charred after a fire. Cleaning this up as soon as possible will have your property looking as normal as possible. Submersible pumps will be used to clean up any standing pools of water and the areas will then be dried and sanitized. This is critical because water damage can lead to health problems from contamination in the water not to mention mold if water sits. All smoke odors will also be removed as they can linger for quite some time. This will be done with carpet cleaning of the areas and all areas adjacent to the affected room. Any items that are deemed too badly damaged to repair will be removed and carpet that has been badly burned or contaminated along with furniture will many times need to be thrown away.
Step 5- Fire Damage Repair and Renovating. This step is designed to get your property looking as good as new so things can get back to normal. From cabinets to carpets to walls or anything else that was damaged will be repaired or replaced.

Fire, Soot, Ash & Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Take steps to prevent the possibility of a fire in your home. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a fire and need fire damage restoration, contact American Hometown Services to get your life back to normal.

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