Recurring Soiling & Wicking Carpet Stains in Hannibal, MO; Removing Pet or Stubborn Stains that Keep Coming Back

If you walk in the living room to see that one of the kids has dropped a glass of juice on the carpet you may want to freak out. The best thing to do is to quickly start the cleaning process and do your best to remove the spill. The faster that you begin to work on the spill the better the chances are that it will come out. If you are concerned that your cleaning technique is not enough to remove it all together you may want to call a professional right away. Now if you were able to remove the stain only to see it has come back a few days to a few weeks later it can be a real frustration. This is a real problem and it is called a reappearing or recurring stain. Although it seems that you have removed the original spill it can come right back!

American Hometown Services Explain The Reasons for Recurring Carpet Stains

Carpet Wicking Stains: If you have a spill on your carpet the liquid will start to soak into the carpet fibers then will soak past the fibers into the backing and into the padding as well. The longer you take to clean up the spill the further it will get in the backing and the padding. That is why it is important to have the spill taken care of as soon as possible. Wicking occurs when the spill is left enough time to soak all the way into the backing before it is cleaned up. Once you clean and remove the stain you may think that it is gone. The reappearing occurs when there is wetness or moisture in the air that will cause the soaked in stain to come back to the surface. This can happen many weeks later and can be a real annoyance.

Carpet Soiling Stains: The other reason that a stain may reappear is from soiling. This can happen if you get to the spill right away and clean it up. It may not have had time to soak all the way in carpet and you were able to get to it but it can still reappear. This is because when the stain is cleaned with subpar cleaning products or someone cleans it improperly soiling can occur. The area that has been cleaned will have a layer of cleaner that is remaining that can make it attract dirt. The dirt will stick to the soiled spot and make the stain reappear. You may then need to have the area cleaned by a professional to ensure that the spot is removed completely.

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The stain needs to be treated properly from the very beginning. A professional will have the tools and the cleaning materials that are best to treat the spot and have it removed from your carpet, fibers and backing. Be sure to have it cleaned as soon as possible to ensure that your carpets look their very best.

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