Avoiding Christmas Messes in East Alton, IL; Choose Fresh Christmas Tree, Avoid Smoky Film on Windows from Candles & More

During the Christmas holiday season that is being celebrated this time of year, having unexpected house guests, or even planned parties or get-togethers, will be high on the agenda. But decorating for these special celebrations and traditions can include a mess, adding safety hazards. Getting the décor out, holiday crafting, and baking often lead to such messes and keeping them contained can often be a challenge. American Hometown Services would like to offer some tips and advice to avert disaster and catastrophes while still maintaining a neatly kept home.

Avoiding Christmas & Holiday Messes that Will Need Cleaning in Your House

1. Minimizing Christmas Tree Messes. Everyone wants the perfect tree in their home, adorned with charming ornaments, lights and garland. The live trees are often a crowd favorite, inviting the smells of evergreens into your home, completing the aura of Christmas. No matter if you prefer your tree to be tall and fluffy, or narrow and rigid, no performing quality test should be implemented to avoid a week’s worth of piled needles and broken branches. For starters, pull on a few random needles, if there is little to no resistance the tree may not be a high quality tree. Next, shake a few limbs, if they feel brittle, or if an abundant of needles fall, the tree is definitely not worth investing in. Finally, evaluate the bottom of the stump, if there isn’t a coating of a sticky resin, it indicates the tree was cut down some time ago and is extremely dried out. A fresh tree, hinders its flammability, and won’t make a ridiculous mess of needles all over your floor.
– Keep trees away from fireplaces or heating vents, even if the tree has passed the quality test. Real trees are especially susceptible to catching on fire.
– If your tree is exposed to adorable children’s fingers, avoid hanging the fragile ornaments on the bottom to avoid cuts and breaks.
– Invest in a Christmas tree stand that has a dish to keep your tree hydrated; it will also help contain sap and needles.
2. Candles Make Smoky Film on Windows. Candles are popular this time of year; they emit the perfect ambiance and even fragrance. However, candles can cause easily be the source of a mess and be a safety hazard. If you are looking for an ambient lighting effect, consider investing in electronic candles that have no mess, and more safety precautions. If you are using traditional candles for fragrance and lighting, keep them from easily flammable materials. Keep them away from windows to reduce a smoky film on your windows. If the candle drizzles excessive wax, place a small dish or something similar to keep the mess contained and easily cleaned. Keep them lit away from reach where they can be easily knocked over. Always extinguish flames before leaving your home, or heading to bed.
3. Holiday Lights. For interior and exterior lights, keep the cords securely tucked away and organized in the corners and floor helps make the space look neat as well as prevents tripping; tape them down and out of the way.

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