Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services Checklist & Tips in Hannibal, MO; Deep Cleaning Kitchen, Bathrooms & More!

When it is time to move there is a lot that has to go into it. One important aspect is that you need to find a new location to live once you have decided that a move is in your future. Then you need to focus on the house you are moving out of by packing and loading your belongings. There is usually a month or two of chaos that you will need to focus all your time on. The problem is that you also need to worry about how you leave the house you are moving from and what condition the house you are moving to is in. The cleaning process can be overwhelming especially after you have already packed your cleaning supplies. One way to help alleviate the cleaning process is to hire a company that specializes in move in and move out cleaning.

American Hometown Services Outlines A List Of Services That Come With Move In & Move Out Cleaning

How to Deep Clean a Kitchen: One area that many homeowners want to have help cleaning is the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the house and that is often where the messes are more abundant. The kitchen has appliances and cupboards that need some attention when you move out and cleaned when you move in. The professional cleaning service will be able to clean out the refrigerator, oven, microwave and other appliances you have in the kitchen. They will also polish the sink and wash all the counters down. The cupboards will be cleaned out and washed inside to help remove any leftover marks and crumbs etc.
Cleaning Bathroom Before Moving In or Out: Another area that can’t really be cleaned well until you are ready to leave are the bathrooms. Bathrooms are places that need a lot of attention to ensure they are clean and ready to use. The professional cleaner will be able to come out and clean the bathtub, sinks, showers as well as clean the tiles on the walls and floors as well. No one wants to move in to a new place to find the bathroom in bad shape. Usually after a long move you want to relax and that would normally be a shower or long bath.
General Heavy House Cleaning: One of the hardest parts about dealing with a move in or move out is the regular every day cleaning. This includes cleaning the carpets and treating for any stains. It is vacuuming all the carpeted areas to leave them looking their best. We can also wash and wipe down all the baseboards around the home that are sure to have a layer of dust. We can clean windows and any other odds and ends that need some attention.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

If you are ready to move into a new place and need help with your move out and move in cleaning it is best to hire a professional. Preferably one that offers this as a specialty service so they are prepared for the situation knowing that time is of the essence. American Hometown Services offers expert cleaning and restoration services.

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