Does Your Cement Patio Need Cleaning & Sealing in Quincy, IL? How Does Power Washing Clean Concrete?

When it comes to the entrance to your home most people know that making a first impression means a lot. Even if you plan on staying in your home it can increase your curb appeal as well as look much more inviting. The debris that builds up on a patio and your concrete walkway can include leaves, dirt, pests and foot traffic. These can all leave the entrance to your home looking less than inviting. You can go out and sweep away the loose debris but you are most likely just uncovering the set in spills, dirt and stains on the concrete and patio below. There are several ways to get the patio and the concrete looking much better but it usually takes the help of a professional.

American Hometown Services Explains What Pressure Washing & Concrete Sealing Can Do For You

How Does Power Washing Clean Concrete: First of all a pressure washer is a piece of equipment that should be ran and used by a professional. The pressure washer is something that can actually take the varnish off the wood planks, paint off a wall or break stucco that may be used on the exterior of your house if it is used incorrectly. The pressure washer uses water that is pressurized through a motor and sent to the attached hose. The hose has an attachment that has the ability to adjust the amount of pressure that is used. When it is used the way it was intended the outcome is amazing. The extra dirt and debris that has built up over time on the patio and concrete can be washed and rinsed away. It can get in those deep cracks and crevices that can be houses all kinds of dirt and rocks. The other thing that can benefit you from a professional pressure washer is those areas that pests hide out. They can be hanging out under the deck, in the siding and up in the corners of the house. The pressure washer has the precision to get in these hard to reach areas. Now that the deck, patio and walkway have been professionally pressure washed they will look amazing and inviting. The next step is to protect the surface from further damage and dirt.
What is Concrete Sealing: When you add a concrete sealant to the concrete walkways and driveways of your home, you are protecting the surface and giving it the chance to repel the spills and stains. The great thing about concrete sealant is that it will act as a great repellent to many spills like oil, juice and foot traffic. The ease for cleaning after having this added to your concrete is amazing. The sealant comes in different types as well as different sheens that best fit the look of your house. You will need to have the sealant touched up over time but the amount of staining that was repelled is amazing.

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