Mold Remediation in Quincy, IL; How to Professional Companies Clean & Remove Mold?

Mold can grow in homes and businesses fairly easily; often the byproduct of water damage, but mold growth can occur in a number of ways. Mold requires dark, moist areas where it can feed and thrive. Dust and other such debris provides the sustenance they need and within 24 hours mold spores can blossom into a mold nightmare. Because mold does better in the dark, many people don’t even realize the issue until it has morphed into a catastrophe. Mold expedites deterioration on many materials used to construct buildings and it poses a serious health risk, especially after long term exposure. With that in mind, we at American Hometown Services would like to take the opportunity to talk about the basics of mold remediation. Mold Remediation is also known as Mold Removal, Mold Abatement, and Mold Mitigation

How Do Professional Mold Removal Companies Work

1) Discovering mold needs to be removed as soon as possible, no matter the type of mold. Where you can spend the time and money to find out the specifics of the type of mold found in your home or business, in the end it doesn’t matter it has to go.
2) For a successful mold remediation project; there are five basic principles that include the following:
Safety – Protect the occupants, whether they live or work on the premises.
Mold Assessment – A preliminary assessment must be made; with an assessment during mold remediation and after mold remediation.
Mold Contamination Control – Areas absent of or with less contamination are to be prevented from cross-contamination and the spread of mold from the contaminated areas.
Mold Source Removal – The mold at the source is physically removed.
Moisture Removal – Ensure the moisture problem that contributed to the mold outbreak is eliminated.
3) The mold removal efforts should be focused at the area where the water and mold growth is occurring.
4) Once the original source is removed the air needs to be sanitized from the of airborne mold spores. HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air, is used to scrub the air and replacing the moldy air with fresh air by way of sophisticated negative air controls for the bigger problems or simple ventilation for the minor outbreaks.
5) The filters used should be HEPA when vacuuming and utilizing the air scrubbers. HEPA filters are exclusively capable of capturing particles as small as mold spores where any other filter is not designed to do so.
6) When dealing with mold, it is essential that proper safety gear is worn. Vinyl or neoprene gloves along with a high quality, high filtration face mask is crucial for mold interaction. When using harsh chemicals and for larger mold remediation projects, a full protective suit is recommended and encouraged.
7) Usually using plastic sheeting in an effort to contain the mold and ensure the spores are not dispersed throughout the home, mold professionals will seal off the work area. Control of the spread of mold contamination needs to be as close as possible to its source.
8) By positioning blower fans in conjunction with air pressure machines to bring clean air into the contaminated space and push contaminated air outside the home, “negative air” containment is created and used by professionals.
9) Drywall, insulation, baseboards, and other porous materials are usually discarded by professionals once mold is infected them. These materials are impossible to restore free from mold and they are relatively inexpensive to replace.
10) An antimicrobial chemical is frequently used among professionals to clean mold and remove mold stains. To strengthen the treated areas and increase their resistance to water damage and mold, as well as help with odor control, mold professionals will follow cleaning with a sealer or encapsulant.
11) In addition to clearing the mold, treating the mold, and disinfecting remaining surfaces, it may be necessary to invest in a professional HVAC air duct cleaning to remove any remaining mold spores and contaminated debris.
12) In addition to the mold remediation services, there are a few companies who can also provide restoration to the home, ask for details from your mold removal specialist.

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