How to Get Ground In Dirt, Soil & Mud Footprint Stains Out of Carpet in Hannibal, MO

Now that the weather has changed, the types of messes that occur in your home will change. The summer months are full of water activities, heat and sunshine but the winter has a whole new set of troubles. The colder weather brings people indoors and they often bring with them what is outside. The weather in the winter is a little fuller of moisture from rain to snow that then mixes with the dirt. The dirt is more exposed because the plants and grass are not able to withstand the cold and therefore they die off. All this extra exposed dirt causes mud to be readily available and you and your family will potentially be walking through it. When it comes to mud on your carpets you need to use the right technique to clean it of you will be making the problem much worse.

American Hometown Services Lists Tips for How to Remove Dirt, Soil & Mud Stains from Carpet

Let Mud Dry on Carpet: This does not seem like a time to sit around when you have a mess on your carpet but in this instance it is. When dealing with any other stain in your carpet you need to move as fast as you can to start cleaning the spot or stain right away. This is to stop the stain from getting larger or soaking and setting in. When it comes to mud and you choose to start right away you are doing just that. The mud will spread out and the one footprint might now be a large area that needs to be treated. The tip is to stop, freeze and let the mud sit there! You want to allow the water that is in the dirt to dry out. You can do that by waiting as well as adding a fan to speed up the drying process. It is important to allow all the moisture to dry before you start the next step.
Break Up the Ground In Dirt: If you have ever made a mud pie and let it sit out in the sun you know that the shape is still there. The dirt will stay compacted which is what will happen when you have mud on your carpet. You need to break up the dried out dirt on the carpet before you can finalize the clean. You want to use a hard object like a spoon or a credit card to break the dirt apart. As you break the dirt up you need to have the vacuum ready to remove the particles from the carpet. Use the hose attachment to suck up the parts that you are breaking. You may need to do this in parts so that you can ensure that all the areas are treated.
Spot Clean Carpet Stain: The next step is to get the left over spot that is usually lingering. You can make your own cleaning solution to treat the area with equal parts vinegar and water in a water bottle. Spray the area and dab the spot with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if needed until the area is clean.

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