Long Term Health Effects of Mold Exposure in Barry, IL; Allergies, Digestive System Issues & More

Most people know that when there is mold in their house, it is not a good thing. Did you know that if you have mold in your house, it could be causing some of the health problems you find yourself facing? There are actually a long list of health concerns that come with mold exposure. American Hometown Services is here to talk about some of the effects that mold exposure can have on your health, and why it is so important that you have someone experienced get rid of it.

Mold Exposure & Health Problems

Some of the health problems that are caused by mold exposure are more well-known than others. Following are some of the most common mold related issues you will experience.
Allergies: Many people are highly allergic to mold spores. If someone in your home already suffers from allergies, you may notice that their symptoms are considerably worse when mold is involved.
Respiratory Illness: This is probably one of the most common issues that people with mold exposure face. Trouble breathing and a runny nose are some of the first and more common symptoms of a mold problem in your home. If the problem is left untreated, it could get severe enough to be life-threatening.
Infections: Bacterial as well as fungal infections are no surprise when dealing with mold. Doctors often use a combination of antibacterial and antifungal drugs to get rid of the problem.
Reproductive Issues: One problem many people don’t know about is fertility issues with mold exposure. Hormonal imbalances are often seen and can cause problems during pregnancy as well as conception.
Digestive Problems: If you are experiencing foul smelling and dark stools, you could be suffering from exposure to mycotoxins. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes even internal bleeding.
Chronic Fatigue: If you have noticed that your energy is constantly zapped, it could be mold. You may notice that it is hard to concentrate, decision making is impaired and you feel tired even after getting a decent amount of sleep.
Skin Irritations: Some people experience rashes or intense itching when their skin comes in contact with mold. These skin irritations are sometimes visible and sometimes they aren’t.
Pneumonia: This life-threatening illness is nothing that should be taken lightly. When streptococcus pneumonia settles into your lungs, it can be a serious problem and one that could take your life. Many smokers deal with a certain amount of respiratory distress regularly and may not realize they are dealing with something even more serious until it’s too late.

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If you are dealing with mold issues in your home, it is important that you get rid of it as soon as possible. You can count on the experience and training of American Hometown Services to ensure your home is safe from these spores that are so dangerous to your health as well as those that you love. Call us today!

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