Is it Safe to Stay in a House with Smoke Damage in Clayton, IL? Health Risks & More

You might think that when your home is involved in a house fire that nothing can be worse. The damage that the fire, smoke and soot does to your home can be catastrophic. Even a small fire that has been contained to a single room can have lasting effects on the home. Fire damages a home in a series of ways. One of them is the actual flames themselves that will burn through anything that is in its path and is flammable. Another aspect of the fire that you are going to have to deal with is the water and the products that were used to douse the flames. This is another level of cleaning that has to be taken care of and preferably by a professional. The other aspect of a fire that is damaging to your home is the smoke that is created as the fire burns. This may be one of the hardest aspects to deal with because of the odor that it carries as well as the reach that the smoke has. The smoke can and will get into every nook and cranny and leave stains and odors throughout its path. The clean up process can be demanding but you may not realize that it can be damaging to your health as well. Going in a home that has recently been involved in a fire can be dangerous and should always be left to professionals. One reason is that it can cause health concerns.

American Hometown Services Lists Health Risks After a House Fire

Asthma Trigger: One of the things that you may not realize is that when you have smoke in the house it can be a trigger for someone that has asthma. Asthma is a breathing condition that causes the person to struggle with their oxygen intake. When the condition has been exacerbated it can cause the breathing to be even more restricted. The presence of smoke or even residual smoke in a home can become a trigger for you and your family that suffers from asthma and other breathing troubles.
Eye Irritation: You may not even notice it at first but when you are near an area that has smoke and fire damage it can act as an eye irritant. When you are at a camp fire and the smoke heads your way you move. When you are trying to clean after a fire in your home you cannot escape the smell and the smoke. This can irritate your eyes if you are not prepared with the right tools and equipment.
Bronchitis: When you have smoke that is in the air that you are breathing it can have an effect on your health. The lungs are a huge part of what is being effected and it can cause bronchitis to set in. The tubes that feed air to your body can be compacted with the smoke and cause them to become inflamed. This is what can lead to bronchitis which needs to be treated by a health care professional.

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