Water Damage Cleanup in Pleasant Hill, IL; How to Prevent Mold After a Flood Occurs

When water floods your home you have a very short time in which to get the water removed and dried out before major damages occur. Water can damage walls, floors, carpet and furniture if the water soaks or stands too long. Water can seep deep inside various materials such as carpets, drywall and wood. In turn, this causes mold and other bacteria to develop. If mold or other harmful microorganisms begin to grow inside the home it will become hazardous within a short period of time. American Hometown Services understands the threat of flood damage inside a home. We’ll share why it is important to have your home treated right away after a flood occurs and how to prevent costly damage and ensure a healthy environment.

What to Do After a Flood Occurs in Your House

When you discover that your home was flooded you will first want to locate the source of the water. Flooding can come from a broken washing machine, a tap that’s been left on, dishwasher, or a broken water line. Whatever caused the flood, cut off the water supply to stop the water. Once the water is turned off, you will next want to contact a professional water damage cleanup service. Why a professional service? It is recommended to seek professional help as we have industrial equipment such as water pumps to suck out the water, powerful fans, and water extraction tools or equipment to efficiently remove the water and dry out the site. Often we will also use dehumidifiers to help remove all of the moisture in the air that may still be trapped inside the drywall or carpets.

How to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

When recovering a home after flooding, you or the water damage cleanup service, will often request that all of the windows be opened to allow the air to help circulate and dry up inside the home. Additionally, you will want to turn the lights on in the area that is flooded. The lights can help slow down mold development. You will want to keep the lights on until the area is completely dry. If there is standing water then the water will need to be pumped out. Begin removing the furniture and other items that have been exposed to the water and place them in a sunny area to dry. The water will then need to be extracted. Professional’s use an extraction machine much like a vacuum cleaner. This machine sucks out water or moisture from the walls, carpets and other surfaces. You can also use a shop or wet vacuum to suck out the water yourself. However, it takes much longer and is less effective. Often professionals will use the dehumidifiers right at the beginning to help remove the moisture in the area combined with fans so that water damage can be prevented. The area will need to be treated with a mold killer to prevent it from developing inside the drywall, carpet and other surfaces. After the room or area that was flooded has been been dried and treated, you will want to recover your furniture. If the upholstery got soaked it will need to be cleaned. Again seek professional services for a quality cleaning and recovery.

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When you need help recovering your home after a flood it pays to use a professional service. American Hometown Services can help clean up after a flood and help you recover your home. Contact American Hometown Services and schedule our cleaning and restoration services today.

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