Is Professional Carpet Cleaning in a Commercial Building Necessary in Macomb, IL? How Often & More

One of the first thing customers will notice when they walk through the doors of your business is the cleanliness of the building. It is one of the most important things that business owners can do to ensure their business is successful. When a customer sees that the building is clean, they are more likely to entrust you to provide whatever service you are selling. American Hometown Services is here to talk about how important it is that you have your commercial carpet professionally cleaned on a regular schedule to help you put your best foot forward for any customer that walks through your doors.

How Often Should Carpets in a Business Setting Be Cleaned Professionally?

Not all businesses are going to be following the same cleaning guidelines that the business next door is following. There are several things that vary and should be considered when coming up with a professional carpet cleaning schedule for your building. One big consideration is what type of business you are running. Here are some of the different settings there may be carpet and a need for professional carpet cleaning in.
– Restaurants: If you own and run a restaurant, it is important that the dining portion of your restaurant when carpet is usually found, is kept clean. For this reason, restaurants are more than likely going to need professional carpet cleaning quarterly with a lot of spot cleaning in between. If you notice that quarter cleaning isn’t cutting it, there is nothing wrong with bumping that up and cleaning more frequently.
– Medical Offices: Anytime a healthcare facility is figuring out their carpet cleaning schedule, there are many guidelines that are put in place to make them the safest place possible for the patients that go there to be seen. Especially recently, many medical offices are amping up their cleaning because of the pandemic.
– Retail: There is generally a lot of foot traffic in a retail setting. Depending on your customer load, you may find that you can clean the carpet in your retail store anywhere between 3 and 6 months.
– Schools: With so many children in school settings five days a week, school carpeting needs to be cleaned often. Again, a 3 to 6 month schedule is usually enough to keep up with kids and the foot traffic that is found in schools.
– Churches: Most churches only have people in them once or twice a week. If your church operates like this, you may find that you only have to have the carpet professionally cleaned once a year to keep it clean.

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If you have a commercial building that you are maintaining, you can turn to American Hometown Services to help you stay on top of carpet cleaning and janitorial needs. We will make sure your commercial carpet and premises are clean and will leave a good impression on customers that come through your door. Call us today!

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