How to Prevent & Kill Mold on Carpet After Water Damage or High Humidity etc in Hamilton, IL

Mold can be a scary thing to deal with and you don’t want it anywhere in your home. Mold is ugly to look at, unpleasant to smell and the worst problem with mold is that is can be bad for your health. Mold will produce allergens that will cause allergic reactions and irritants and can even cause toxic substances known as mycotoxins. When mold or mold spores are touched or inhaled, allergic responses can result with symptoms that include sneezing, red eyes, runny nose and skin rashes. Mold can also cause asthma attacks in people that are allergic to it. When a basement is damp, it’s the first place that mold will likely start, the second place will be the carpeting in your home. The reason for this is that carpets are a great place for dust and dirt to hang out and are the two things that mold thrives on. The best thing you can do is keep dust and dirt out of your carpets to avoid any issues with mold. American Hometown Services offer helpful tips to prevent mold growth in your carpet and home below.

How Do You Stop Mold from Growing on Carpet?

1. Vacuum & Steam Clean Carpets. Vacuuming your carpets is the best way to take care of them. Moisture is easily trapped in carpets that have lots of dust and dirt in them and moisture is necessary for mold to develop. You need to have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis. Doing so will insure that your carpets are cleaned and dried thoroughly to limit the amount of moisture that is left behind.
2. Maintain Good Humidity Level Inside Home. While water is necessary for mold development, so are heat and humidity. The humidity level in your home should be below 60%, as this level will make mold spore reproduction more difficult. If you can’t keep the humidity level below 60%, make sure the temperature in your home is lower than 80% and use dehumidifiers.
3. Prevent Standing Water. Mold does not need a lot of time to develop and only needs a small amount of water. Always clean up any amount of water on your carpet right away and dry it. If the spill has reached the padding, you may need to replace it to prevent mold development.
4. Choose Antimicrobial Carpet Padding. When you install carpeting in your home, consider going with antimicrobial padding because it’s resistant to bacteria, mold and other substances. It will cost more but has great benefits, more so if you live in places with more humidity.
5. Don’t Install Carpet in Humid Areas. This goes without saying, if you can, avoid carpeting in areas that are likely to experience standing water. These areas include bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. To prevent mold in these areas, go with tile instead.

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To learn more ways to keep mold out of your home contact American Hometown Services. We can extract standing water and dry carpets, deep clean your carpets, stop mold growth in carpeting and can help you determine what your options are to clean and save it or to determine if it needs to be replaced.

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