Is My House Making Me Sick in Warsaw, IL? Symptoms & Cures Such as Air Duct Cleaning!

Our homes are where we long to be at the end of a hard day. It’s a safe place and the thought that it might be affecting your health can be unsettling. If you’ve been spending more time at home for any reason and find yourself feeling sick more than you did before, then your home might be making you sick. Even if you’re aren’t feeling sick you should still know the common hazards in your home that might be making you sick. Many common health problems can be brought on by the air in your home. Usually it’s caused by dust, mold, chemicals and microbial organisms. These can all affect your lungs and make health issues worse. Figuring out how to reduce these risks will have you breathing easier and feeling much better.

Reasons Your House Might Be Making You Sick

1. Dirty Air Ducts & HVAC System. The largest problem with indoor air quality is the HVAC system. The HVAC system can be related to the lungs in your body. They both breathe air in and then recirculate it. As air circulates, tiny drops of water are left behind in the ducts. This can lead to bacteria and mold buildup. When vents are dirty, dust, dirt and other debris are blown into your home. Considering you use either the air conditioner or the heater most of the year this can be a scary thought. It’s important to have your HVAC system professionally cleaned once a year. Doing so will provide better efficiency because the vents and ducts are cleaned to better the air quality in your home. It’s also a good idea to dust often. Use cleaners and wipes that will capture dust rather than dusters that will just move dust around.
2. Neglected Kitchen & Bathrooms. The rooms in the home that produce the most problems with air quality are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Clean these rooms from top to bottom regularly to improve air quality. Wash mats and towels often, replace sponges and rags to stop the spread of bacteria and throw expired food out right away.
3. Leaky Faucets & Pipes. Small leaks may cost you a little more on your water bill, but they can lead to bacteria and mold problems in your home. Have your plumbing system checked on a regular basis to find problems early because a dry home is a safer home.
4. Cleaning Cleaning Products. Most people assume that cleaners with chemicals in them are the best way to clean. Yes, they do a great job at killing bacteria, but they also leave chemicals in the air that can cause symptoms. Symptoms include eye irritation, headaches, a stuffy nose and breathing problems. Use only what you need and consider using greener products or make your own solutions to limit the exposure to chemicals in the home.
5. Dusty Furniture. Dust mites are everywhere. Think about the furniture you relax on and the bed you go to sleep in every night. Having pets makes the problem worse. To minimize issues, wash your linens regularly, have your mattress cleaned and use a good vacuum cleaner to capture as much dust and debris as possible.

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