Dangers of Soot Inhalation; Health Problems of Breathing Soot After a House Fire in East Alton, IL

Soot is incredibly difficult to remove after a fire and requires a professional to come and fix the damage done. These types of disasters almost never make themselves known and end up happening at the worst of times.

What is Soot Made of & How is it Formed?

Not only is soot unsightly, it comes from smoke. Smoke is a complex mixture of gasses and toxins that come from various materials that get burned during the course of a fire. These materials consist of plastics, drywall, wood, wool, asbestos, foams and carpet. Smoke from fires produce tiny carbon particles that get released into the air and then become attached to walls and other surfaces and are then identified as soot. You can identify soot not only by sight but by smell as well, a strong odor of smoke will be present around the damaged area and you will find it difficult to remove. Soot tends to spread and smear when being cleaned and makes an even bigger mess than what you started with. It also impacts the air quality throughout your home and spreads through air ducts easily reaching rooms that were once untouched by the soot to begin with. Soot is smaller than the dust you can see floating through the air when the light hits it just right, which makes is extremely difficult to remove as it is almost naked to the human eye. It is of utmost importance to remove all the soot in your home to avoid any respiratory ailments that can come from the inhalation of soot.

Dangers of Soot Inhalation

Aside from the mess it causes, soot has been known to cause respiratory ailments like aggravating asthma, causing bronchitis or worse. The items that burn in a fire (plastics, asbestos, wool, glues etc.) contain various chemicals and formaldehydes that are dangerous to our health. When soot removal is being performed it is highly recommended to wear an air purifying respirator, nitrile gloves, and safety glasses. Never eat or drink in a room where soot is present as it can be ingested and inhaled into your system causing health concerns. Never touch your face with the gloves you are using to clean up the soot with and wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap after you remove your gloves. You should quarantine the room you are working on by sealing any vents or doorways with plastic sheeting to avoid contaminating other areas of your home. Use a local exhaust fume extractor in the area in question to purify the air if possible and use a HEPA/UPLA vacuum so you don’t reintroduce the contaminates back into the air.

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Fires and the damage they cause to both us and our homes are one of the most unfortunate circumstances one can endure. You should always leave fire damage restoration to a professional to protect you and your family’s health and safety. American Hometown Services is experienced this matter and can help your family get back to their lives as soon as humanly possible. Put your trust in them to help you through these tough times.

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