Bathroom Odor Solutions for a Smelly Toilet Bowl, Drains, Mold & More in Macomb, IL

Whether you lived in a home for a while, or just recently moved into one, there are many times where odors stemming from the bathroom are suddenly dominant. Before too long, some of the sources of these odors can creep up without you realizing them, despite how diligent you are with your cleaning. Today, we at American Hometown Services, Inc would like to take the opportunity to help you neutralize some of the more common odors that seem to resonate from your bathroom.

Solutions for Bathroom Smells

1) Perform an mold inspection. Stagnant water festering in areas with the humid conditions breed mildew and mold, which many of the odors are derived from. Look around the obvious and not so obvious places including in and around tubs and/or showers, toilets, and sinks, as well as the fixtures and pipes. Assess the flooring and walls for signs of water damage. Look at the shower curtain folds for evidence of mildew or mold growth. Make the necessary repairs if any leaks or drips are found. If you find mold, contact a professional for proper removal.
2) Cleaning and disinfecting. You will have to do a little bit more of a deep cleaning as opposed to the maintenance you are likely used to get rid of the smells. Be sure you are wearing protective gloves, and if you are sensitive to cleaning products, protective goggles and a mask as well; use the exhaust fan for proper ventilation. Start with the toilet. Add your toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl and let it sit. While it is sitting, clean the exterior from top to bottom with your preferred disinfectant cleaner. Hit all the nooks and crannies and don’t forget under the seat. Scrub the bowl out well and flush. Use an approved bacteria fighting agent to clean out the shower/tub as well as the sink and counter tops. You want to ensure the mildew is sufficiently scrubbed clean. Any bottles that are around the sink or shower should be misted and wiped down as well. Additionally, wash the trash cans inside and out with hot soapy water. Once it is dry, for added freshness, place a fabric softener sheet at the bottom before adding the liner. For the finishing touch, scrub the floors with a safe antibacterial detergent to kill and avoid mildew.
3) Remove the garbage. It is fairly common for the garbage to be neglected in the bathrooms. Take the trash out at least once a week and always replace the liner.
4) Treat fabrics for smells. One of the humid or moist environments of your home is the bathroom. Moisture can breed many different odors, not just the mildew and mold smells. The different fabrics found in the bathroom become soiled and they will need to be cleaned. Bath rugs, shower curtains, towels, wash clothes and so on require routine washing. Follow the labels directions for cleaning. If there aren’t any directions, you can use this method below to neutralize odors. Towels and wash clothes, even the ones used for décor, should be washed every week or two. In the washing machine on a normal cycle, add ½ cup vinegar to your normal detergent. Ensure the setting is on the hottest water setting. After the washing cycle, be sure to dry thoroughly before folding or re-hanging them.
5) Sanitize shower curtains. Keeping the shower clean is important, but in between cleaning, you don’t want to trap any water in the folds to produce the mildew or mold, keep the curtain closed at allow better air circulation and use the exhaust fan.

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If after your sanitizing efforts the bathroom is still pungent, call in the experts of American Hometown Services, Inc and let our professionals perform a deep tile and grout cleaning that will make a big difference.

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