Emergency Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Quincy, IL

American Hometown Service, Inc understands the devastation and frustration felt when the homes and businesses of Greater Quincy, IL sustain fire, smoke, and water damage. Being a full service janitorial, building maintenance, and house cleaning service provider, as well as having the expertise to treat and remodel homes facing, fire, smoke, mold, and water damage, we are readily available to help our valued customers ensure their home or business is properly and thoroughly cleaned when these disasters strike.

Water & Fire Damage Cleanup, Restoration & Remodeling Services

When water flooding, or minor smoke and fire occurs in Quincy, IL and surrounding areas, you need immediate action to minimize the residual damage that can occur. Once the flames and smoke are snuffed out and the source of the flooding resolved, you need American Hometown Service, Inc to get to work and saving as much as your home or business as possible to minimize the repair and replacement costs. With the expertise of our leading specialists, combined with advanced tools and equipment and premium products, we can help you deal with the aftermath of smoke and fire damage as well as water damage and potential mold growth.

Water Extraction, Structural Drying & Cleaning After a Flood

In flooding situations, American Hometown Service, Inc immediately gets to work on removing the standing water using pump systems. Following the removal of excess water, we start removing the moisture contact from surrounding materials as well as the air using fans and dehumidifiers. Once everything is dry, we can help you evaluate the damage and combat the potential mold growth.

Emergency Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Quincy, Macomb, Hamilton, Warsaw & East Alton Illinois | Hannibal, Missouri

Fire and smoke can continue to cause damage to your Quincy, IL home or business even once the flames are put out. With American Hometown Service, Inc, we can get your home or business treated and better preserved. Contact us for all your cleaning, restoration and remodeling needs!

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