How to Maintain Cleanliness & Sanitation in Your Office Work Area in Colchester, IL?

If you work in an office space, you might not think much about how much time you spend in that enclosed space with all of your coworkers. Believe it or not, your office space might be one of the germiest places that you visit throughout the week. It can even top the bathroom if it isn’t being cleaned properly. Long exposure to these germy places can leave employees sick and out of the office. American Hometown Services is here to point out some of the places in your office when the germs seem to pile up.

Watch These Areas for Germs in the Office

There are some areas in your office that are not cleaned as often as they should be to keep the office a healthy space. When these areas aren’t cleaned on a regular schedule, it can create problems or the employees working there. Following are some of the places where germs pile up the most:
– Keyboards & Mouses: If you think about the amount of time your hands are touching the keyboard and mouse in your office space, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a surface that can be covered with germs. They should be wiped down often to avoid this from happening.
– Doorknobs: Another area in the office that is often overlooked when it is getting cleaned is the doorknobs and handles. They should be cleaned often since everyone in the building will be putting their hands on that surface multiple times throughout the day.
– Buttons: If your building has an elevator or other buttons throughout the space, they can also be a target for germs because of the frequency that they are touched. This could include vending machines, copy machines, and other high use items in the office. You could also lump light switches in with this category.
– Telephones: The telephones found at every desk in the office are also going to be a surface that is rarely cleaned. When these surfaces are swabbed, they come back with an unbelievable number of germs found on them.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Germs in the Office

The best thing that employees can do to safeguard themselves from the germs found in the office is to wash their hands regularly. This is especially true during the winter cold and flu season. For business owners, having regular janitorial services come in to clean the office space is especially important. During these services, make sure the company you’re working with is wiping down these surfaces that accumulate germs.

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