What are Tips to Prevent Cooking, Smokers, Electrical & Other Home Fires in Macomb, IL?

Home fires are like living in a nightmare, but it doesn’t dissolve into nothing upon waking. A home fire can cause catastrophic consequences, property damage, minor injuries to critical ones, and can even result in loss of life among loved ones and beloved pets. Fires can spread quickly, before anyone even realizes what’s happening, and blaze the home into cinders. If one escapes a home fire with no accident or fatalities, the property damage can be devastating. Irreplaceable photos and heirlooms, along with sentimental gifts of the heart could be left to ash. Home fires are truly a destructible force that leaves behind ruin. American Hometown Services would like to offer some tips and advice to prevent your home from being a victim.

How Do You Prevent Cooking Fires in Your House?

– When cooking, keep the frying, grilling, or broiling needs be to kept in the kitchen. While cooking, it is recommended that you wear tight fitting, or short clothes and keep long sleeves rolled up.
– Do not attempt to cook while sleepy, under the influence of alcohol or medicines that will make you drowsy.
– Maintain a child free zone approximately 3 feet away from the stove and oven.
– When positioning your outdoor BBQ grill, be sure to keep it away from the siding and decking rails. Do not keep it under hanging branches and directly under the eaves.

What Can Smokers Do to Prevent a Home Fire?

– A lot of fires are ignited by active smoking paraphernalia that has sparked a flame and erupting into a fire. Keep smoking habits outside, and distinguish the cigarette or cigar in a can filled with sand.
– Cigarette butts and ash needs to be fully distinguished, especially before being tossed in the waste receptacle.
– Oxygen tanks are highly flammable. If an oxygen tank is being used within the home, it is imperative that the smokers keep it outside and away from the tanks.
– Don’t smoke in bed or on the couch when drowsy. Many fires are caused by folks falling asleep in bed, and the outcome is usually fatal.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Electrical Fires?

– If cords are worn and frayed, it’s crucial to get them replaced or repaired. Exposed wiring near fabrics, or flammable materials is a fire hazard.
– Never force a 3-prong plug into a 2-pring slot.
– Avoid overload on extension cords.
– If light switches are hot to the touch, immediately turn them off and have them replaced.

How Do I Keep My Space Heater Safe?

– Space heaters should be placed 3 feet away from anything else in the room.
– Purchase space heaters that are equipped with emergency shut off in the event it should fall over.
– Never leave a space heater unattended.

How Can I Make Sure My Fireplace is Safe to Use?

– Before utilizing your fireplace, be sure the chimney shaft is free from debris, and is regularly cleaned out of ash and charred wood before starting a new fire.
– Always keep a sturdy fireplace screen in place when the fireplace is in use to prevent ash or flying sparks from flying into your home.
– Make sure fire is completely out before retiring to bed, or leaving the home. Do not ever leave a fire burning even a few moments unattended.

Educate Children About Fires

– Children need to have the curiosity about fire quenched.
– Teach your child the dangers of fires.
– Keep matches and lighters out of their reach.
– Teach them to retrieve an adult should they find stray matches or lighters, as opposed to picking them up themselves.
– Never leave children unattended around burning stoves, flaming candles, lit fire places, active space heaters, or ovens in use.
– An important thing to remember is to be over cautious around fire, and practice safety measures.

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