Best Way to Clean High Traffic Ground In Dirt Stains & Heavily Soiled Carpet in East Alton, IL

Those dirty foot trails in your carpet from the constant traffic can make even newer carpet look old and awful. Sometimes while the rest of your carpet looks clean and perfect, those pesky high traffic areas require more cleaning than the rest of your carpet. American Hometown Services will share how to clean high traffic areas and restore the entire look of your carpet.

Best Way to Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet & High Traffic Areas

There are two methods that are fast and simple that help keep those high traffic areas cleaner in-between professional carpet cleanings. The first method is dry cleaning and the other is foam cleaning. Both work great and are easy to do. More importantly, they will help keep high traffic stains at bay.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

When using this method to clean those high traffic areas, you will need a vacuum and a dry carpet cleaning kit. This method is fast and simple since no water is actually needed to clean the carpet. However, most dry carpet cleaning kits use a powder that sometimes doesn’t fully get removed out of the carpet. Instead, it gets stuck under the padding. There are several dry cleaning kits that vary in usage so make sure to read the directions thoroughly. Some recommended dry cleaning brands is the Capture or Host brands.
Step 1. First vacuum your carpets thoroughly. Make sure to vacuum in multiple directions to remove as much dirt in the carpet as possible.
Step 2. Apply the dry carpet cleaner according to the product’s directions. When applying the carpet cleaner, begin on the outside edges of the stained or high traffic areas and work your way inwards. Continue to work in the dry carpet cleaner according to the directions.
Step 3. After the dry cleaning kit has been used per the product’s directions, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the cleaning solution. Again, vacuum in multiple directions to remove as much of the carpet cleaner as possible.
Step 4. Use the end of the hose nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to restore the pile of the carpet.

Foam Carpet Cleaning Method

Another fast and effective way to clean high traffic areas of your carpet is to use foam cleaner. This method doesn’t require water either, which means quicker drying time. All you will need for this method is a vacuum cleaner and the carpet foam cleaner of your choosing. Resolve is a recommended product for quick, carpet cleaning, especially in high traffic areas.
Step 1. Once again vacuum the area that needs to be cleaned thoroughly.
Step 2. Apply the foam carpet cleaner in the affected areas or high traffic area. Read the chosen product’s directions before use. Again start on the outside edges and work your way inward of the stain.
Step 3. Damp a cloth or towel with plain water and gently rub the area to remove the foam and the lifted dirt out of the carpet.
Step 4. With a dry cloth, press down on the damped areas to help extract the remaining moisture out of the carpet.
Step 5. After the carpet has had time to dry, use the vacuum cleaner to help restore the carpet pile.

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Using these methods will help reduce the appearance of high traffic areas in your carpet. However, for a professional deep carpet cleaning that will restore and maintain your carpet’s appearance, contact American Hometown Services.

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