Help for Hoarders & Pack Rats; Cleaning, Storage & Trash in Warsaw Illinois

Do you have a family member or close friend who hates to throw stuff away? Perhaps they were given a gift or inherited some items and labeled them “too nice to use” but then they never take them out of storage to display either. Know someone who hangs on to something broken claiming they might take up a hobby to use pieces of the broken item but somehow never get around to doing that either? If any of these habits sound familiar you may have a pack rat in your midst. We are all guilty of piling up clutter at some point in our lives but the danger lies in the fear of throwing items away in case you might need them. A pack rat or compulsive collecting is a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). As a result, these collecting individuals are perfectionists that often fear making the wrong decision about what to keep and what to throw away so they just keep everything.

What is a Pack Rat Person

A packrat is a term used to describe someone who collects large amounts of objects or things that they can’t bring themselves to get rid of in case they may need them in the future. Most of the time a pack rat has a healthy, clean, comfortable living space. It’s the areas you don’t see; like closets, attics, basements, garages etc. that are often filled with overwhelming amounts of stuff that a pack rat just can’t abide to let go of. The most common items collected are clothing, magazines, memorabilia, knickknacks and boxes of things such as books of matches, bottle caps, plastic grocery bags or zip ties in the thousands. These items are often accumulated and put up in areas of the home that are typically unused. While it is true that these things are not getting in the way of everyday living, the items stacked up out of sight can cause fires, insect infestations, allergies and other health risks.

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If you are assisting someone who has pack rat tendencies, American Hometown Services recommend breaking down the collection into three key categories:

Keepsakes – even if the collection is overwhelming in size, there are always items worth keeping. Once the items are properly organized, the items can be safely stored creating a healthy and hazard free environment within the home.
Donations – Because of the sheer size of the collections accumulated, there are often too many items to properly enjoy. The experts at American Hometown Services recommend donating items of value to a local charity.
Trash – In some cases, some items can become neglected amongst a host of other collected items. For example magazines may be damaged by insects or mold. These items will need to be removed from the property to ensure a healthier home or office environment.

Professional Pack Rat & House Cleaning in Warsaw IL

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